2920 Hours


17 weeks, 121 days, 2920 Hours, 175200 minutes… they all equal FOUR MONTHS!

Little Bear is four months old (of course, I’m late on posting this, but she doesn’t mind) and she’s doing everything four-monthers are supposed to do.
Her repertoire of skills includes:
*rolling over (and off of blankets, her main mode of transportation currently)
*blowing bubbles
*sleeping through the night 4-month sleep regression
*watching everywhere Bubba goes
*grabbing hair (watch out Tarzan, she’ll give you a run for your vine-swinging-money)
*grasping toys
Her current obsessions include:
*silly songs Mommy makes up
*her brother
*Daddy Time
*her tag blanket

lb2I can not believe that it has been 4-months. Here and gone. Woosh.
Before you know it she’ll be sitting up and eating solids. Time, please slow down.
It completely fills my heart to see how she watches Bubba so intently and how he must hug and love on her multiple times a day, germs, pffft. I know we’ll go through periods where they are mortal enemies and the best of friends, but I do hope the former is much less of a frequency than the latter. Only time will tell.

I try to keep my photos minimal as its hard to scroll through 100 photos in a single post and see everything, BUT today- I shall entertain you with a Little Bear mini-exhibit. I call it, Little Bear, the Fourth Month. Enjoy.

Be Great,


lb4-2    lb3

17 thoughts on “2920 Hours

  1. She is adorable. She looks so happy and healthy. The kids I babysit are 2 years apart and hardly ever fight. They are definitely each other’s best friend even if they don’t know it. I sure do wish this for your two!

  2. Aww she is so adorable. She looks happy and healthy baby. Happy 4 months! Love reading this post! Beautiful pictures. Time goes fast,enjoy every moment! 😊

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