A Flour in Her Hair

I’m a lucky woman. I have a husband who loves to cook. In fact, he spends his free time scouring sites, books and blogs for new recipes.
Most recently he took a stab at a recipe from his great grandmother’s cookbook.
His Italian great grandmother’s cookbook.
Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. 

The mission, that he chose to accept: Homemade Ravioli.
We are talking the pasta, the filling, everything!

Now, it’s easier to attempt big tasks like making pasta dough and rolling out ravioli when Bubba isn’t underfoot. He went down for a nap and to the kitchen we ran.
Little Bear was happily playing which gave us some time to start rolling out the dough. I have to say, I really enjoyed spending time with the two of us in the kitchen trying to make something new and fun.
But, as most things, this too did pass. Little Bear decided that playtime by herself was clearly not as fun as helping in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy. I wasn’t about to leave Hubs to have all the fun, so we strapped Little Bear into the baby-wearing-trap-of-death-apparatus and it was back to pasta making.
If you’ve never rolled out your own pasta I will tell you that it takes a lot of flour.
A. Ton. 
So we roll, flour, roll, flour, roll and start again.

Eventually, we got into a rhythm. Little Bear was happy, the dough was being rolled, ravioli was being formed, perfetto!
Then, I looked down to find that I could see the future.
What I mean is that it looked as though Little Bear had aged 50 years while we cooked. But alas, it was just a dusting of flour on her hair. My little brunette had become a salt & pepper headed wonder in 20 mins! Nona, Papa, and Grandad came over to help and the Ravioli were formed in no time.

I can say with the utmost certainty that I have never had better tasting Ravioli. I’m just trying to figure out when I can ask for it again without seeming desperate.

Have you made a family recipe recently? We’re always looking for new things to try. I’d love for you to share your favorite with us!
Want the recipe? I’ll let you know when it’s posted over at www.KernsCooking.com.

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11 thoughts on “A Flour in Her Hair

  1. Oh my gosh homemade ravioli sounds delicious! Italian food is my favourite and thankfully my Husband’s favourite too. since he also loves to cook, we eat that kind of food a lot! 🙂

  2. Sounds great. Where is the photo of the ravioli and also of little bear decorated with flower?
    If you forgot the photos, you can simply state it was so good you want to make a photo-illustrated blog… Doesn’t sound desperate to me. Ron

  3. I Love fresh pasta! Or rather, I loved it in the past when I could get it. I’ve discovered in the last few years that wheat and gluten make me feel ill, so I’ve cut them out of my diet. When my husband and I were in NYC this fall we dined at a restaurant that specialized in gluten free dishes. It was the first time I’d been able to eat and order fresh ravioli in a looong time! I’d love to make my own fresh pasta, but it does take a bit of extra time and attention.

  4. Making a family recipe is always going to be so much fun and I wish my husband could do some cooking stuff as well to help me out! Italian foods are so much favorite at home & The Homemade Ravioli sounds like a delicious recipe to try out!

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