All Aboard!

Come on, ride the train!
The potty train, that is.
Yeah, that was punny. I’m running on little sleep and my day is broken into 45-minute increments. We are potty training.
Correction: Bubba is potty training. Mommy is pulling out her hair.

I’ve read the posts, I’ve perused the books and I’ve frequented the forums. I am here to tell you, nothing can prepare you for that which is potty training.
Pre-PT: “Mommy, I want big boy pants!” download_20161105_105524
Okay- you want to learn to use the big boy potty? Sure- we can start that. <–Famous last words. Off we go to the store to purchase all variations of big boy pants. 
Day 1: There’s Pee Everywhere. Lots of Laundry. Decide to go the Pull-up route. Go to bed with a headache.
Day 2: Pull ups are a good idea. Much less laundry. Scared of the big potty. Must use little potty that ‘sings’ when used. Yeah- that was frightening for both of us the first time. Introduce sticker chart.
Day 3: Much better today. Getting the hang of things. The chart idea is out the window. We just like putting stickers ANYWHERE when we have a celebration. Mommy’s linear-minded-ideas be darned.
Day 4: The potty is evil. Must not use.
Day 5: The big potty is awesome. We will use the little potty as a step stool.
Day 6: I’m not sure about this potty thing. Introduce bribery. It works.
Day 7: We’re telling people we have to go. Pull Ups are dry. We’re figuring this out.

Potty training is exhausting, but our thought is that not buying 2x the diapers is definitely worth some hard work now. If there’s an end in sight- we haven’t seen it yet.
And we’re running low on skittles.

Be Great,

16 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. I always love reading your posts Meg! You have this way of writing and making everything sound funny! I don’t have children myself yet but I’m going to be coming straight to your blog posts whenever I need advice when I do have little ones running around!

  2. haha I’m not even a mom yet but this is one thing that would be so hard to do! Gotta find the joy and positives of it all though..which you do so well 🙂

  3. Girl, you are cracking me up with this! I haven’t been fully in charge of potty training before, but I’ve watched other kiddos while they were potty training and have seen/heard parents try everything. The best advice I’ve heard- especially with little boys- is it will click one day, and when they’re ready they’ll just start using the potty. Hang in there! BRB while I fax some skittles over…

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