An Egregious Lie

Let us hope that by the time Bubba is able to read, these posts will be buried far under months and years worth of posts. Otherwise, I’m toast.
And not the kind with cinnamon or peanut butter.
Burnt toast.

You see, Bubba is a bit particular about what he eats. As in, he only eats chicken. Of the nugget variety. I exaggerate a little, but honestly, he requests nuggets daily. He, oddly enough, will also eat steak. Not hamburger, mind you, but steak.
Steak taste on a burger budget, buddy.

Therefore, we have reached a dinner impasse… or have we?
Enter, the fib, the lie, the misdirection of truth perpetuated by his loving parents.

The other night Hubs made my favorite Shrimp Boil Packets for dinner.
(You can see the video/recipe here)
Once they were on their way to being ready he asked, “Well, what is Bubba going to eat?” I couldn’t fathom him actually eating shrimp and sausage, but we’re getting to the point where it’s a little silly to create an entirely separate meal for his highness.
So I said: I dunno, let’s try this and we’ll see how it goes.
“Okay…” Said Hubs with a shrug and the same feeling of good luck with that, I was experiencing.
Then the lightbulb of inspiration!
We sit down to dinner and Bubba looks at his plate.
“No! I no yike dis!”
What do you mean you don’t like it? It’s chicken and steak.
and then we waited…
As he looked skeptically at the food on his plate, very clearly not chicken or steak, we held our breath and waited.
Then, he picked up the fork, put a bite of shrimp in his mouth, and ate it.
After the third or fourth piece, he says “I yike dis chicken, Mommy. I have some of Mommy chicken?” to which I proceeded to cut and share several more helpings of shrimp.
Winner Winner SHRIMP for dinner!

I do wonder how long this new trick will last. “Mommy’s going to eat your dinner.” Worked for a while, but it seems we are wise to that one now. No foolin’ this kid.

How do you get your toddler or picky eater to eat dinner? Any help appreciated!

Be Great,

23 thoughts on “An Egregious Lie

  1. Years ago I had a student whose daughter would eat Jello, but only red Jello. The student tried adding red food coloring to other flavors of Jello. Her daughter ate them. Seems her daughter made her decision based upon the color of the jello, not the taste or the smell.

    What criteria is Bubba using to make decision?

  2. Well the Apple did not far from the tree. His dad would look at dinner and immediately say I don’t like that without even trying it. Now granted he was older than Bubba so I implemented a rule you can’t say you don’t like something unless you took one bite. The one bite rule worked well of course after the first bite the initial response was I don’t like this. So I kept to by side of the bargain and he didn’t have to eat it. 9 out of 10 times a second bit would be taken and sometimes a second belonging would be requested. Go figure.
    Kids are so cute! I love it when parents can get one over on them. Good Job Mom and Dad!

  3. Well, it’s been 8 years for us and our picky eater is still just that – picky eater. So I feel your pain! But we have a rule – he has to try 5 bites of everything on his plate before he can eat the things he prefers and leave the rest. I’m done fighting, so I make things that I know he’ll eat with a twist that the whole family would enjoy plus something new every once a while. He’s healthy and active , so I just go along with it. All the best to you 🙂

  4. I have two kids and I know how hard it is to feed them. They both have different tastes in food too making my life harder. But yes, I just make something on some days and let it be there and they come grab it when they are hungry.
    Your family looks super cute.

  5. I always just tried to make it fun like it seems you are doing to get my kids to eat. Sometimes it worked. Otherwise they refused to eat and I was like, “Okay. You get nothing else then.”

  6. ahhhhh the joys of toddler hood!!! We went though a period where my oldest one would only eat pb&j…. breakfast? pb&j. lunch pb&j. snack? pb&j. dinner? yep, you guessed it. The littler one is on a bacon kick, real healthy, right?? Hang in there, this will pass and they will one day start eating like normal people. Until then, he’s alive, so you’re doing good!

  7. This post made me really want either chicken nuggets OR shrimp! Seriously though, I may not be a parent, but I AM a nurse that has to convince kids to take meds sometimes. We’ve tried all kinds of sneaky methods so I understand the feeling of glorious success!

  8. I don’t have children, but this cracked me up! I do have a pup that requires meds daily and she’s gotten really defiant about it. I’m trying all types of tricks to get her meds down!

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