Zebras, and Camels, and a Sloth, OH MY!

pv5Weird things happen in Virginia. I don’t mean weird like creepy. I just mean, odd.
For instance, we saw a sloth, some lemurs, 2 camels and three zebras today.
We were not at the zoo. No joke.

As a small child, my parents took us to Pumpkinville. A small farmstand with some farm animals in a “petting zoo”, free apple cider and a giant, probably unsafe slide, made on a hill with sheets of metal and hay bales for sides. It was great.

Fast forward 20+ years.
pv1We decided to take the Littles and meet Nona & Papa at Pumpkinville. We chose a weekday because we knew it was peak season, and who goes to Pumpkinville at 10 am on a weekday? Oh, that’s right, everyone.
As we pulled up I gasped out loud at the sheer number of vehicles parked in the grassy lot. HOW are all of these people going to share the slide?
Regardless, we unpacked the kiddos, met up with N & P, and headed toward the door. pv4
Gone was the farmstand and in its place was a gorgeous, air conditioned structure complete with party and activity rooms, a theater room, indoor play area and exotic creature center. This was only the beginning.
Oh, and did I mention it was, no lie, 80 degrees, in October? A bit toasty.
We made our way outside and Pumpkinville is no longer the small attraction from my memory. In its place stood playhouses, wooden climbing centers, slides, bounce houses and that’s only what I could see from outside the door. As we continued toward the iconic Pumpkinville slide, the one thing still standing but much improved for safety, I noticed a few more attractions. Namely, two majestic, yet noxious camels. Yes, camels. Resting in the shade. Scanning the area to ensure that I was indeed seeing camels and not succumbing to the heat I also noticed three frolicking zebras. Where in the world are we? Clearly, the greatest place on Earth for a two-year-old. Despite the massive amount of cars, it wasn’t crowded in the slightest. pv2

pv3Bubba got to go on all of the slides. He went on the big pumpkin slide, the spider slide, the castle slide and more. He saw all of the animals including the numerous fish in the pond, the snakes, and the sloth. He got to slide with Mommy, Daddy, Nona, Papa and even Little Bear.
After a couple of hours in the heat, a water break and then lunch- we were all ready for naps.

It was a great day.
I wouldn’t have the opportunity to for these experiences if I had continued to teach. As much as I miss the routine and schedule of teaching, I love the opportunities that have been presented for our family. I’m even learning to be more spontaneous and lighthearted. Win-Win.

Tell me, what are some special, odd, or just plain weird places in your town?

Be Great,

12 thoughts on “Zebras, and Camels, and a Sloth, OH MY!

  1. We have a pretty cool place here in Charlotte that is a giant not quite zoo but every animal is there and you can interact with them. It’s odd to have ostrich run up to the car window!

  2. Pumpkinville sounds like a fun place for the whole family! We have a pumpkin show in my town this weekend with pumpkin flavored everything!

  3. Such a fun place! Every year around this time, we go to a farm stand that hosts hay rides, there are a bunch of different vendors selling cool holiday-inspired items and fresh, homemade ice cream. We love it!

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