Baby Girl

20161201_130124It seems as though, just overnight our little baby, is no longer simply a baby. She’s become so much more expressive, playful and is definitely developing her own personality.

There is nothing better than watching Little Bear light up when Bubba plays in front of her, or when Daddy comes home from work. Now she’s sitting up almost unassisted, reaching for us, grabbing and playing with toys and covering us with slobbery, drooly kisses. It’s the best!
She loves to listen to music and has recently discovered baby doll toys (we have 1 that she loves to touch and cuddle).

Where did our little squishy newborn go?
Who is this bright-eyed, inquisitive and curious infant?
How did someone get in here overnight to switch them?

I don’t want the other model back, per say- I’m just wondering what caused the switch.
How long do I have before there’s another switch? Will I get to say goodbye to this model before she’s replaced with one who can crawl and babble more-coherently? Will the next model sleep through the night?

So many questions- but for now, we’ll enjoy this stage and all the nuances that come with it.

We love you and your brother, baby girl.

Be Great,


6 thoughts on “Baby Girl

  1. I am sure it is so much fun when our kids reach every milestone and everything they do is quiet adorable. The pictures & video are cute enough to express the joy of Little Bear & Bubba being together.

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