Legos, breakable items, and small towns, beware!
There’s a BabyZilla on the loose!

She’s as faster than your quickest snail and more focused than a dog with a bone. If she sees it, she wants it. Especially if it belongs to her brother. Her current record of destruction involves a playing card, lego helicopter, several train tracks, and a trail of drool.

So, as you can see, Little Bear is on the move and much earlier than her brother. Bubba started becoming mobile at 9+ months… Little Bear is only 7 months. What does this mean for her walking!? Quick! Hide the…. stuff. All of our stuff!
She’s quite proficient at her army crawl and lets nothing stand, or lay, in her way. She also loves following Bubba which is becoming an interesting occurrence here as he spends part of his day moving toys from place to place around the room so she can’t get to them. Wonder when he will figure out that putting them up higher will be his best bet. At least for now…

Wish me luck as I, too, relearn how to crawl while following her around the room removing whatever it is (lego pieces, crumbs, toys) that she decides to put into her mouth.

Ready? Set? Crawl!

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2 thoughts on “BabyZilla

  1. Younger kids always have better learning ability. This is because the elder child is more pampered and the younger one has a companion to do mischiefs. Good to know the progress of Little Bear.

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