Behind the Times

If you recall, I turned 30 this year.
I also requested a subscription to HGTV magazine for said birthday.
Leetle Sister was so kind as to get it for me and I’m happy to say, I have received not one, but TWO copies so far. Ahh, the relaxing views of perfectly matched paint and furniture with pops of color and an open concept.
Yet, I have a confession.
I’m already behind.
I haven’t been able to read either of them.
Now, have I read the School Bus Book or done several puzzles and created masterful train track setups? You bet, I’m a pro. But have I taken the time to flip through my coveted magazines that I have waited so patiently for? *le sigh* nope.
It kind of goes along the same lines as the use of the large bathtub in the master bathroom.
That sucker is huge and ultra relaxing. It is currently playing host to a set of Auburn blocks, 2 hangers, postpartum odds & ends (ice packs, etc), a train car and probably a few other items I don’t even know I’ve lost. To say it simply, unused. Bubba is unable to get into that tub due to its height, therefore, it is clearly the perfect place for him to throw random things. I often look longingly at it as I brush my teeth with one and hand my hair with the other and think soon bathtub, soon. 
It is no one’s fault but my own that I have not taken the time to have a relaxing, soothing bath, instead opting for my 330-second shower. If you don’t want to do the math, that’s 5 1/2 minutes. Or that I have not flipped leisurely through my magazines to drool over gorgeous homes and bold paint schemes I’m too chicken to attempt.
To be completely honest, I don’t even have an excuse except that I get distracted.
Yes, essentially, I’m distracted from what are supposed to be my distractions. That’s when you know it’s crazy ’round these parts.
I’m just getting to that part of life after welcoming a new baby where I actually feel like a human instead of a mombie. That same part where I can find a partial routine and know what my day may entail. I may still look like a mombie most days, but Fall is around the corner and I can hide my ghostly pale arms and legs under layers of comfortable cool-weather-gear.
My goal this week is to read those two magazines.
Next week, I’ll conquer the bathtub, I might even add bubbles.

Be Great,

9 thoughts on “Behind the Times

  1. OMG, I am the same way. I have quite a few magazine subscriptions and I don’t get to… any of them. I have piles upon piles of these things and the point is, I have good intentions but like you, find myself doing other things that are more important. <3

  2. Always so hard to find a time to read a magazine, heck even a book, but when you do find time, make sure you disconnect from everything and ENJOY that magazine. You deserve it !

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