Best Buds: Sibling Edition

I’ve heard that at some point, siblings become the bane of one another’s existence.
Does anyone know when that starts?
Do I get a warning or is it just BAM moral enemies?
I really hope, as I’m sure most Moms do, that these two crazy kids continue to be enthralled with one another for many years to come.

Little Bear is almost on the move. She’s scooting, scootching, rolling and clawing her way around the family room. Thus making the blankets we put down for her, utterly useless. More often than not, she can be found under the coffee table… from what I hear, it’s a family trait.
This, coupled with the recent addition of some pretty cool toys, leads me to believe that soon we’re going to be hearing the word “mine” much more often from Bubba. Oh, I can’t wait…

Until then, I’m going to enjoy that these two like being around one another.
Bubba’s bouncy castle is a big hit. It’s to the point that I’m not sure how we’re going to break it to him that bouncy castle’s fit well in basements, not family rooms. But that’s a trial for another day.
In looking at the castle I decided that 1. it’s enclosed. 2. it’s without exposed danger zones and 3. it’s off the floor. Clearly the perfect play place for a recently mobile baby, right? Like a giant pack-n-play that her brother can join her in! Two birds, one nest!
Clearly, I won’t leave her by herself, babies can get hurt anywhere.
So, we tried it!
Ground rules: No hard big-boy toys, no jumping/falling on the baby.
Easy to follow, right?
You tell me:

I think we’ll be doing this a bit more often as the cold begins to set in around here.
Work off some of that extra energy.

Here’s to a bouncy, giggly, week!

Be Great,

6 thoughts on “Best Buds: Sibling Edition

  1. I love how Bubba is wearing himself out in the video just to make his sister smile. When he finally took a deep breath I chuckled inside. Now THAT’S love. Keep showing them both the video. Each time they watch it they’ll draw that much closer together.

  2. Being a mom of 2 kids, I agree that siblings become the bane of one another’s existence and it is going to add more fun to you as a parent. Good to see Little Bear & Bubba getting along together so well and the ground rules are perfect enough too!

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