Bibs and Spoons

Little Bear started solid food!

So, I’m a rule follower. Oh, you’ve noticed that?
As such, they say that infants are able to have their first solid food between 4 and 6 months, but they recommend waiting until 6 months as their little tummies can digest better.
I struggled with Bubba on this, and it turns out I struggled with Little Bear too.
I’ve got to get them to 6 months before they can have food.
The biggest thing is that it’s not about when I’m ready for her to have solids, it’s when she’s ready. This girl has definitely been giving us some serious signs.
Last week I called the doctor to ask about starting solids and told them a bit about how Little Bear has been acting toward food. Yes, she’s ready. They said. But I was still unsure.
Let me share some of the signs for those of you who may be around the same place.
If you come to our house for a meal, you’ll see quite the show. Between Bubba’s songs in between bites and the normal dinner conversation, take a look at Little Bear. She’s able to sit up, somewhat supported in her high chair. She has excellent head control. She loves to suck on her hands, and she’s usually chewing something. Now, she doesn’t have teeth. She also hasn’t ever chewed anything. But she will watch you, fork to mouth, repeatedly and pretend to chew. This girl is clearly ready.
We started her on oatmeal.
Day 1: Too much liquid. Between the oatmeal, breastmilk, and her drool, it was more of an oatmeal bath than a meal. We’re going to need some more bibs.
Day 2: Thicker oatmeal, happier girl.
Day 3: She’s a pro. She’s also discovered that if she sticks her fingers in the bowl on the spoon she’s able to suck the oatmeal off of her fingers. Efficient. 
We’ll be starting on veggies next. We’re hoping she takes to them a bit better than her brother did. He still sees green foods and generally avoids them. Takes after his Mommy.
Second time’s the charm? We’ll see!

What foods did you start with your little one? Any great homemade recipes?

Be Great,

7 thoughts on “Bibs and Spoons

  1. Funny… lol How cute that she figured out her own way to eat her oatmeal. Our two older kids took forever to eat solids, but when they did they liked pear, sweet potato and carrot purees. We would sometimes freeze it in an ice tray and give it to them in a Munchkin food feeder. They used to enjoy that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Aww that’s awesome that she was wanting to start on the food and figured out about eating it off her fingers! Oatmeal was what my mom always gave me when I was growing up and I still eat it at work now for breakfast 🙂

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