5mo5mo-2I feel like I just wrote a post like this, yesterday.
In reality, it was a month ago.
That’s right, friends! Little Bear is FIVE.Months.Old!

Can you believe it? I looked back at her ‘one-month’ photos and it is amazing to see how much one little person has changed in such a short time.


Here’s an update:
*Big brother
*Nursery rhymes/Songs
*Her toes

*Grabbing (hair, shirts, toys)
*Waking up with a smile!
*Being expressive
*Recognizing Faces

Those blasted “Your 5-month-old can now…” emails keep appearing in my inbox. I can definitely see how a mother who is worried about her child’s development would go off the deep end after getting an email stating all the things her child should be doing. Yeesh! All kids are different. I’ve got to unsubscribe… pronto. Luckily, I’m much less worried about Little Bear’s development as her checkups have all been stellar. Instead, I worry about her big brother crushing her with his hugs and kisses. Seriously, the boy would lay on her to get close enough if we let him. Don’t worry… we don’t.

5mo-45mo-5So, on this 5-month-anniversary of Little Bear’s arrival, I say to all Mommies:
You’re doing great. Your kid is wonderful. The gold standard for child development is smiles.
If you smile because of them, and they smile back…
You’re doing great!

Be Great,
*Note on the photos- of course it was a rainy day so the color is… odd. Lo Siento!

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