bonding-1Little Bear is reaching!
Every milestone is so much fun to see. I get it, for those of you who don’t have kiddos you’re probably like ‘really? reaching…. that’s definitely a stretch…
See what I did there? *self high-five*
Sorry, that was punny.

When Bubba was a teeny one, he was doing everything with us. His first smile was at us. His first giggle was at us and his first reach was for us.
Little Bear, reached for Bubba today.
Arm out, fingers extended, reached.
Even better, Bubba was cognizant enough to notice that she was doing something new.
“Mommy! She touchin me! She gettin my shirt! Wook Mommy, she talk a me!”
I’m not crying, you’re crying.
But really, I got teary eyed.
It’s amazing to see how they interact and look for one another.

When his “baby sitter is crying he’s the first to come over and try to soothe her. When we were out the other day we said “Hey, Bubba- can you help her stop crying?” He walked over, placed his hands gently on the sides of her face and said “stop crying, Little Bear.” …and she did… really, little onebonding

If you remember, Bubba was away last weekend with his grandparents. He was so excited to see Little Bear when he returned you could see it on his face. We were old hat, but Little Bear was definitely the one he missed more than anything. It’s like he came back a big brother where he was just a toddler only days before. My how times change.

The more I get to watch them interact, now that Little Bear is searching, reaching and giggling at him, the more I can appreciate the growing bond between siblings. They make my heart happy.

Be Great,

10 thoughts on “Bonding

  1. This is so sweet! Makes me want to cry happy tears. 💕 We are expecting our first little peanut in January. So your post definitely strikes a cord in the heart. What a sweet Big Brother. You must be such a proud Momma. This kind of stuff that people need to share on social media I love the positive vibes!!! We need more of it in the world.

  2. Every milestone reached by your baby is going to be a precious moment in your life. It is great that they are building a close bonding with each other which is quiet adorable!

  3. That is such an adorable story. Yes, you are right, every milestone is precious and noteworthy. It’s great that the little ones are beginning to bond! Beautiful post!

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