Boo- to You!

hw4Happy Halloween!

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I love holidays.
Each holiday is my favorite, and when we pass one, my new favorite is whatever comes up next!
So for today, welcome to my favorite holiday!

hw5Everyone has traditions for each holiday. Hubs isn’t a big fan of Halloween, never has been, but my family does it quite big. Bubba is going to be a train conductor and Little Bear is going to be a Little Witch/Halloween sprite! I can’t wait until Bubba is big enough to want to do family costumes- I’m all about dressing up for Halloween!
Growing up, especially in High School, the Town Halloween Parade was a huge deal. Bigger than the Christmas Parade by a mile! In HS we (myself and my siblings) were in the Marching Band which meant we got to dress up and be in the parade. My parents, being the fun people that they are, would line up with the hundreds of other parade watchers and wait. They’d hide when we passed by and then jump out to spray us and our friends with silly string as we marched. Talk about fun!
hw2Bubba and Little Bear will go to the parade tonight, but we’ll probably skip the silly string as I’m not sure we know anyone in the parade anymore. We haven’t taken Bubba before due to bedtimes and him being too young, but this year, we’re all about some parade going!
We’ll dress them in their costumes, arm Bubba with his candy bag and get to the parade to watch the floats, bands, and other fun stuff in the parade! To help you understand how big this parade is, some parents take their kids with their bags for candy and skip trick-or-treating because they get so much candy from the parade! I really hope Bubba likes it. He loves big trucks and really enjoyed the 4th of July Parade so here’s hoping!

hw1After the parade, we’ll head back to Oma & Daddo’s for Trick-or-Treating in their awesome neighborhood. Last year Bubba did about 5 houses, I think we’ll be going a bit farther this year. My parents have this Trick-or-Treat thing figured out. They have a big dog, so having multiple children ring the doorbell throughout the evening could be problematic. Instead, they set up the fire pit and chairs in the driveway, their big bowl of full-size candy, gotta love the full-size houses, Irish coffees, fog machine, and eerie music. I. Can. Not. Wait.
Oh! Did you know, apparently there’s an app/website to find the houses that give out full-size candy? Ahh, technology. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it’s a great idea!

Before that… This morning, I have to go to the dentist. Halloween Fail.
Better before than after I suppose.

Be Great,

13 thoughts on “Boo- to You!

  1. I can and can’t (at the same time) believe that there is an app that shows which houses give out full-sized candy. That is too much! Your little ones look so cute in their costumes – I can’t wait to hear how many houses you made it to. I remember every year, as the kids got older, we’d get a little further into the neighborhood!

  2. They are absolutely adorable! It’s delightful to see someone as into Halloween and traditions as I am. I helped a friend’s mom pass out candy last night and it was SO much fun! I can’t wait to have my own children to dress up with!

  3. Halloween is such a big tradition in our home as well and it is usually lots of fun all around. Your kids are adorable and I am in love with those beautiful costumes as well.

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