Can You Hear Me?

20160904_094105I was given a generous coupon code to try and review this product. All of the ideas, views, and opinions are my very own and are not affected by the purchasing of this product. Enjoy!

I am a busy mom.
We are all, busy moms.


As I delve deeper into the world of I’d like to get something done with 2 kids I’m finding two things are important:
1) Hands. Free.
2) Texting

Now, I only say texting because, if you’ve got a child who can speak, you know they’ll leave you alone for 90% of the day, unless you’re talking on the phone. Then, magically, they need your attention right away! In fact, just last week I was on an important phone call and Bubba decided it would be the opportune time to shout at me about everything-he’s-ever-needed-in-his-short-life. There he was, speaking insanely loudly about garbage trucks and blue trains, Little Bear was whining and wanting to be bounced and I had one hand on the phone. I needed 3 (or 4 or 5) hands. I ended up tossing gummies, chocolate, cookies, juice and an iPad in his general direction to try and staunch the flow of words, to no avail. It’s amazing how much less is accomplished when your ear and shoulder are holding a phone from crashing to a shattery end.  I wish I’d had something to make that less cumbersome. 20160904_094056
Enter the HOCO EBP04 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset – Noise Cancelling Stereo Sound Quality Earphone&Headsets & Microphone,Soft Earbuds (Rose Golden). Too bad I didn’t receive the headset until this weekend, I could have used it during that call. The last Bluetooth headset I had was about 5 years ago. It was small, flimsy and overall, a waste of time. Luckily for me, this rose gold headset has a different feel.  The headset was delivered over the weekend and I have spent the last week using and abusing it to see it’s full power.

Once I unpackaged it, I plugged it in and within about 2 hrs (I got distracted) it was fully charged and ready to go. I’m a huge music person, but not all of my music can be listened to while the children are awake, and then when they’re asleep, music needs to be of a soothing and low decibel. Sorry Britney, not today. BUT this headset attaches to the Bluetooth on more than just calls. I’m able to listen to music, hear notifications and make phone calls all with this little device lodged securely in place. I’m pretty tech savvy but when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, I get an F. I’ve synced countless headphones to my phone and within a few minutes, they disconnect again.
This time, ta da, I can listen to a whole playlist and then some. I attempted to blind test the headset first thing.20160905_172729I placed it in my ear, cranked the music up and went about doing things around the house. I was able to hear the music clearly in one ear as well as hear what was going on in the house, best part- the music stayed in my ear instead of traveling so other’s could hear it as well. Noise-cancelling, check! I also tend to have a hard time keeping regular earbuds in my ears, they get sore. I have yet to find an issue with the earpiece (inner or outer) as its a comfortable earpiece and does not poke or bother my ear in any way. Then came the real test, as it was a holiday weekend, I had no client calls to make. Enter, LeetleSeester. I gave her a call to test out the quality on both ends, knowing she’d be brutally honest and helpful! The call quality on my end was great. I didn’t lose connectivity, unless I pressed the “end call button” accidentally. As in, what does this button do, oops, hung up. On her end, she mentioned that the call clarity was a little muddled but that she could still hear me. Not too shabby.

Oh and it comes in 3 colors:
White, Golden & Rose Golden.
I have the Rose Golden and I like the look of it. Very pleasing to the eye.

So here’s the rundown:

-Ease of use
-Look & Feel
-Clarity of sound
-Battery charging
-Features: calls/music/notifications/volume/answer & end calls
-Hands Free
-Noise cancelling
-Light Weight

-Muddled voice to caller
-One ear, not both

Overall, I’m excited to have something that I can use for phone calls, music and that can stay in for an extended amount of time. Thumbs up over here!

Do you have something that makes life easier with your kids? Please share. I’m open to all suggestions!

Be Great,

20 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me?

  1. I’m still kid-free, but I do love having my hands free to do other tasks while on the phone! Plus I never thought of using a bluetooth headset for music! What a great idea! And I love the Rose Gold shade you picked! I’ll have to try this out!

  2. I like that it’s noise cancelling too That’s an extra bonus.I have heard bad things about electromagnetic radiation from these devices on long term wear.So not really sure.
    But overs the product look and sounds awesome.

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