I’ll be spending my Black Friday at home!

I used to go out to scour deals and steals pre-kiddos but those days are no longer.

One year, we went to the outlet mall near our home at midnight on Black Friday (back before they started opening stores on Thanksgiving evening!).

That was a big mistake! There were so.many.people.
so. many. 
Now, for a person who isn’t a fan of crowds… this was a nightmare.
People, as far as the eye could see. To a point where they were limiting how many people could enter a store at a time. The line for ‘Coach’ was snaked down the sidewalk. The craziest thing?
There. Were. No. Deals.
As in, that year they were not having any special Black Friday sales or specials. YET the line was 80 people deep. I must have missed the train on that one, and No, we didn’t wait in that line.

So, these days. I put on my fuzzy socks. Convince my husband to bring up the decorations and get to decorating the house for Christmas. Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas music!
I’ll let you know next week how many decorations we lose with Bubba’s help. I’m hoping the damage will be minimal.

What are you shopping for this year?
What am I missing?

Be Great,

One thought on “Cha-Ching!

  1. I’ll be visiting an office supply store later in the day. I won’t get the best “deals” but some items like antivirus software tend to be at the lowest price of the year after rebate this weekend. I’ll also be visiting a pharmacy where they have numerous specials in which you get all your money back in coupons for future purchases. I’ll combine that with my $6 off on $30 coupon and should make a few dollars on the visit. Earlier today I bought some gift certificates for restaurants at 75% off (well more like 66% off after paying shipping and handling fees). Later in the day I hope to go to the boat parade in Newport (weather permitting). More importantly, I’ll be preparing for my Sunday and Monday presentations.

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