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I don’t know any mom who would say “no thanks, I’d rather shop, prepare, cook and serve a meal on my own with no assistance.”
If you’re that parent, you get 10 gold stars. If you’ve been here before you know that the chef in our house is Hubs. He loves to cook which works out because I’d rather stick a spoon in my eye. Notice I said spoon… I do it when necessary but it’s not my passion. Enter, Green Chef.

We’ve tried other home food services before and unfortunately they were either too fancy, hold the Brussel sprouts please, too difficult, you want me to do what? or just not our forte. So when we had the opportunity to try Green Chef I was a bit jaded about the whole experience. How could this one be any different? Is Bubba going to eat any of it? How will it stand up to our usual home cooked delicious meals?

Green Chef’s unique features:
From their website:

Green Chef is certified organic by CCOF. From wild-caught salmon to GMO-free soybeans, our ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced.

No synthetic pesticides.
No genetically modified organisms.
No artificial ingredients.
No growth hormones or antibiotics.

For a mostly crunchy mommy-  this ticks all the right boxes.

So let’s discuss:
Delivery time– we received a note that our ‘Green Chef’ had shipped- it arrived the next day. Talk about service!
Freshness of Food– Everything was ripe and ready, no brown or bad spots anywhere.
Edibility (are these things that we want to eat)- It was salmon & potatoes, and meatballs & orzo.If I can pronounce it, that’s half the battle. A+ on this one!
Ease of Prep– Hubs made the meatballs & orzo first. It was quite easy and, bonus, was completed in about 45 minutes. I believe the directions said 30 but add a few minutes for the addition of a nagging wife and two kiddos under 3. 45 minutes isn’t anything at which to sneeze.
The second meal was salmon and potatoes. 1) you can’t go wrong with potatoes in my book. 2) I’m a sucker for salmon. This one fed not only us but Nona & Papa and we had enough for leftovers.

– It’s all about the taste, right? Have you tried services with ingredients you couldn’t pronounce? Us too- this wasn’t like that at all. It was tasty, minus the kale on the orzo meal- not a fan. BUT Hubs made it again using store bought ingredients for his family about a week later. If that isn’t enough to give two thumbs up, what is? The salmon meal was fantastic, repeatable and, for a girl who avoids leftovers like the plague, I did have the remainder for lunch the next day.
Toddler Test– Bubba ate the meatballs and enjoyed them! A definite win on that part. We didn’t offer the salmon as we’re not quite there yet. Still developing his palate. 

So, if we’re grading- we give Green Chef good marks overall.
Pricing wise at about 13.50 per plate, considering all of the certified organic ingredients- it’s two thumbs up from this family!

If YOU would like to try GreenChef, new customers can get $50 off of your first box!
Fifty smackers!
Use the following link: and then let me know how it goes!

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