Definitions of age vary greatly but from what I can tell “classic” is more than 25. Let’s be honest, what 25-year-old is truly ‘classic?’ 25 is more like a hangover. Too young to stay in, too mature to stay out all night, but they try anyway. Ahh, but 30. 30 is classic. Old enough to know better and smart enough to know what to do about it- in theory.

I think back to a previous post from this week about whether or not to enjoy time with friends and family at places such as wineries and parties. Well, my friends, we have an answer. FB_IMG_1469966504707
Hubs, in conjunction with our wonderful families, planned a super-surprise-princess-winery birthday party. I-kid-you-not. We had plans to go to a winery and hang out. Unbeknownst to me, there was to be a party and earlier that week I started inviting people to my own party. Everyone was really good and thankfully no one ruined the surprise. I didn’t take as many photos as I should have, in fact, I think I took 2, but that’s okay. It’s the memories that matter. Family, from near and far, and friends were gathered around a Disney-Princess-Themed table complete with princess tutus (made by Oma) and signs like “Magic Carpet Cheese & Crackers.”  It. Was. Awesome. Wine and wine-slush, pizza & snacks; everything a great party needs. Then came the rain. We didn’t let it dampen our fun as we collected everything and scurried under the cover of the ‘barn.’ Once we got everything put away- to Oma & Daddio’s we went. There the party continued with laughter, food & fun. I even got a set of fantastic Disney personalized wine glasses (Bippity Boppity, Wine & Hakuna Moscato) in keeping with the theme. While enjoying the people, food & fun, I realized something else: the years just keep getting better. I have a unique group of friends and a fantastic family. No matter how far apart, or how long it’s been since we’ve connected, those who really care for you will be there (in spirit too) when it’s time to celebrate. Popular culture says I’m supposed to don a black veil and feel frumpy and old today. That I’m supposed to lament the passing of my 20s and gaze with horror upon the dreaded 3-0 years.  I don’t feel that way at all. My hair has yet to turn gray (if it does, we’ve got dye for that), I’ve got two awesome kids & a husband that loves me and only new adventures coming my way. Snapchat-3657080966670363636As I sat with Little Bear early this morning, in the quiet while everyone else was sleeping, I smiled and could only think of the good things that are ahead.

As they say, age is only a number.

Be Great,



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