Counting Down

christmasWe are all children at heart, are we not?
I’d like to think so.
Judging by how we approach the holiday season I hope to never lose my appreciation of the holidays. It’s just so much fun. Now that we have kiddos of our own I enjoy the holidays even more as we’re creating our own traditions and memories.

20161204_173435This year, we’re continuing the advent calendar for Bubba and Little Bear, thanks to Oma & Daddo.
They’ve created an advent calendar for our kiddos that has a little gift each day from the 1st all the way to Christmas! It also doubles as an adorable decoration in our house- bonus!
Day 1 and 2 included a new favorite- Candy Canes (mini, of course). Oma included 3, one for Daddy, Mommy and Bubba. But no dice- Bubba ate them all.

20161204_173401When Auntie M came home for Thanksgiving she brought with her something for me!
An advent calendar for Mommy! I’m recently getting back into makeup. I’ve decided I need to up my makeup game now that I’m actually an adult… It’s about time, I suppose.
As such, Auntie M gave me the Bare Minerals Advent Calendar! She gave it to me a week in advance so I’ve been staring at it just waiting for December 1st.
I’m loving it and have snapped each day’s goodie. (If you don’t follow me on snapchat, I’m meg_k731) So exciting! It’s taking all of my willpower not to open them all. So far I’ve received blush, mineral tint, lipstick, and lip gloss. Wahoo!

20161204_173419We can’t very well leave Daddy out, now can we?
Daddy has been sharing his childhood love of Legos with Bubba- so I was able to find a Lego Advent Calendar for him! 25 days of Legos. Let’s get, a-building!
He’s built a few snowmen and some sound-stage pieces so far. We think they make a full scene but somehow the built pieces continue to make their way into Bubba’s stash. …Interesting.

20161204_173454Finally, Oma & Daddo added a new fun tradition to our December days.
They’ve wrapped 25 books so that we have a new one to open each day. Bubba gets to pick a book, open it and then we spend time reading it, and all of the previous books, together. The most adorable part is that my parents went through some of the old books from our childhood and have wrapped books that were mine. Talk about nostalgia!

We’ve got some goodies to get to today!
What kid-traditions do you remember or have you shared with your children?

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8 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. I love how creative Advent Calendars have gotten these days! The idea of opening one book a day is fantastic, I’ll have to remember that if I ever have kids of my own

  2. I really like the tradition of opening one new book every day and then family reading time! As a kid, my mom used to keep one gift every day near the pillow during Christmas week and in the morning when I used to get up, she used to say that Santa came and keep it for me! Those crazy old memories…lol

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