Cutest Pumpkin

Disclaimer: I was generously given this piece from The Hair Bow Company in return for my honest review. All words, thoughts, and opinions, are my own. 

pumpkin-2-1 Dressing little girls is completely different than dressing little boys.
Bubba would be happy in sweatpants and a t-shirt most days. In fact, due to his string-bean-legs and wittle waist finding jeans/khakis for him is a feat next to impossible. Luckily for us, he has grandmothers who sew.

Finding clothes for a little girl on the other hand, especially when she is tiny, is like having a life-sized doll to adorn with all sorts of ribbons and bows. Especially when she’s too small to protest. Finding cute things to wear is easy, the difficult part is finding cute items that withstand the usual wear and tear of babyhood. This is a much more difficult task. There have been countless times where I’ve ordered something that looks adorable online just to have it arrive and be of a subpar quality. Imagine wearing one of those cheap Halloween costumes, but on a regular basis, then put it on a baby. Can you say ‘fire-hazard’ or ‘No Thank You’? Thankfully, this was not the case here.

pumpkinEnter The Hair Bow Company which, by the way, carries more than just bows. They have adorable outfits and single pieces including a section where you can DIY! Today’s look is courtesy of their 3D Pumpkin Grosgrain Ribbon Clippie. In perusing the Clippies and Baby Bows section I ticked off about 10 items (or more, let’s be honest) I need to add to my cart. Little Bear is going through that odd baby phase where her hair is falling out and being replaced by new hair. Super soft, and super thin currently. The Clippie stayed in. I repeat, the clip stayed in her hair. That’s a definite win, in my book. The clip is strong but not uncomfortable and the ribbon is soft yet holds its adorable pumpkin shape. In fact, I’m designing her entire Halloween costume around this clip.
If you’ve got bigger-littles there are delightful bows, clips and hair accessories for them as well.
I promise to go into more detail about the clothing in my next review.
Hint: Little Bear has an adorable Thanksgiving outfit, I can’t wait.
Until then, I would highly recommend that you hop over to The Hair Bow Company and peruse their bows, headbands, clips and accessories to add the final touch to your little one’s next outfit!

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    • She’s a ham! Loves the camera- as opposed to her brother who would rather jump as soon as he says cheese. His two-year-old memories will be captioned with “It was all a blur.”

  1. I just got married and this is giving me the baby fever! haha I want a little girl and have her wear cute bowties and ribbons. Great post!

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