Double Standard

Ever hear the phrase, “it’s not a good idea unless it’s your idea?”
Yep, that’s what we’re dealing with here.
and I’m the one enacting the principle this time. Bows head in shame.

At the beginning of the summer, right after Little Bear arrived, Hubs had mentioned that we should get a desk for the kitchen. So we could work and have a place for our things, etc.
All I could envision was another flat space for us to pile mail, and paper, and clutter of any sort. Nope, no, absolutely not. I’m not dealing with another surface to keep organized. Not happening. Decision made.

Fast forward 3 months.

I’ve been doing some media work and blogging daily. This requires the use of the computer. Which needs a place to stay. Currently, it’s been on the island, too close to water, or the side table next to the couch, way too close to tiny hands, or the coffee table, right next to the purple juice. None of these places is ideal and me going into the space designated for my library and office doesn’t work for caring for the kids either.
Solution: a desk or office space in the kitchen.
Yes, the exact option offered a mere 3 months ago. I know. I’m the worst. 
So I bring said idea up in conversation with Hubs and brace for impact.
“Wait. You mean like, an office space… in the kitchen… for your computer…”
Kind of like the space, in the kitchen, for a computer, that I suggested months ago?”
“…yes.” sheepish grin
“The same space you firmly vetoed as being ‘a silly idea’ months ago?”
“I see.”
I know, I know. I’m doubling back. It was a good idea. I shouldn’t have said no… sorry!”
“mmmhmmm.” He’s not going to let me forget this any time soon, is he?

Fast forward, just a few more days. We were at my in-laws and I was discussing the idea of finding something for the first floor that I’d be able to keep as my workspace on during the day. Luckily for me, my FIL had recently visited IKEA and purchased a standing desk, that he didn’t need and was going to return. So he offered it to me! Bingo-Bango-Bungo! Look at that- a perfect kitchen workspace! He wasted no time in putting it in the car for us to take home. Thanks, Papa! You’ve saved the day.

So now, I’ve got an awesome standing desk, that I can use as my hub of operations without disturbing and cluttering the remainder of our first floor. Bring on the productivity!

Sorry dear! It WAS a good idea. I was wrong.  Looooove you! 

Be Great,

6 thoughts on “Double Standard

  1. Love that you have a station for your work. And note this concept goes both ways… I can’t tell you how many “new” ideas my husband has that I mentioned before… Hey as long as the idea actually happens why does it matter who had it first.

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