Bring on the Family!

the-holidays-are-comingThe holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! 

This means many things for us.

-Visiting our families for Turkey Day- we may get to host a brunch this year for one side of the family. A very exciting first for us!
We try to make it a point to see everyone while working around the kids’ nap schedules- it’s difficult at times, but worth it.

I’m lucky that our families are close and they all truly value the holidays and time spent with one another. My sister, brother, and sister-in-law are all out of state but thanks to technology we are able to keep in touch often (thanks, Snapchat & video chats). BUT for Thanksgiving, or somewhere around Turkey-Day they all come home for a visit. Just this morning I heard Bubba through the monitor talking about Uncle E. “Uncle E! You come a my house and pway wif me!” When my Google Hangout sound goes off he immediately asks “Is dat Auntie Em?” and whenever he plays with his firetrucks he’s sure to tell us that Aunt J gave them to him. He’s got this family-thing down pat!

-I get to decorate for Christmas!
I tried not to write that in all caps. I really did. Those who know me personally know that decorating for Christmas is at least a whole day affair (if not two). In fact, Hubs and I came to an agreement early in our marriage.  He really enjoys Thanksgiving, he’s a cook- of course, he likes Turkey Day, as such I have agreed to give Thanksgiving the celebration it deserves but as SOON as Santa arrives at the Macy’s day parade, it’s ON! Somehow in the 24 hours following Thanksgiving our house becomes a Christmas wonderland- but more in a later post on that.

Overall, I can’t wait until our siblings come to visit this weekend and throughout the week. Seeing them is a holiday in itself.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What makes it special for you?

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9 thoughts on “Bring on the Family!

  1. Ohhh yes I love Thanksgiving. Getting everyone together is always a good time! I hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving! LOL “As soon as Santa arrives during the parade- it’s on!” Happy decorating!

  2. To answer your question. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I love spending time with my family . Several times a year we have family dinners and it’s wonderful

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