A child’s first pet is a really big deal.
They learn responsibility, caring and build a relationship.

Now, we do have a dog. Our first fur-baby. We’ve had Radar since before we were married and Bubba was born. He adopted Bubba and later Little Bear so he’s more of a big brother around here than Bubba’s pet.

But now, we are happy to introduce Bubba’s new fish!
My parents did check with us before getting Bubba fish for Christmas, which we appreciate because we were able to look forward to the gift too!

Recently, Bubba has become interested in the names of just about everything.
He received a small toy from Daddo, a little red bendy man. “Mommy, what his name?”
Umm, I don’t know. Jonah? (Really… Jonah? Nice job Mom…)
We see a motorcycle on the road.
“Mommy, what his name? Where he going?”
I don’t know buddy. What do you think his name is? He’s probably going home.
“But Mommy what his name?”
Umm, his name is… Daniel. 

So I was interested in seeing if he’d pick out names for his new friends.
He was so very excited to see the fish. It took him a bit to realize they were his to keep. All he wanted to do was to feed them. At least they won’t starve. 
We then asked him to pick our their names. He thought, carefully, for a moment. Then he proudly announced. “Flyzzos”
Uhhh, I’m sorry. What did you say?
“I say Flyzzos, Mommy.”
Oh, of course. What is the other one’s name?
“Flyzzo Again.”
So, Flyzzos, and Flyzzo Again?
Got it. 

So, we introduce to you, The Flyzzos which Bubba has been feeding, greeting and enjoying daily. Yes, he does refer to them, collectively as “The Flyzzos.”

Welcome to the family guys!

Be Great,

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  1. I absolutely loved aquariums as a kid. They were a bit of work just with keeping them clean, definitely teaches responsibility. I love the name…kids are so creative.

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