review1  The beloved “foomie” is a Bubba favorite and a Mommy secret in this house.
If you ask Bubba, he’ll say he likes pinach (spinach), wango (mango) and chaiberries (strawberries) in his foomies. What he doesn’t know is that they also usually have chia and flax in them as well.
Gotta get it in when and where we can.
As you can imagine this makes for quite a gritty smoothie. Doesn’t sound very appealing but he has yet to complain.
BUT I have been presented with another option.

I was recently invited to review a set of children’s vitamin/immune boost powders and I jumped at the chance. These are MegaFood Powder Supplements. We sampled the Kids Daily Multi, the Kids Daily Immune, and the Kids Daily B-Centered.
Of course, I researched and personally tried them first before letting Bubba get his paws on anything made with them. I’m not completely nuts.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what they packaging says:
No Sweeteners,review
No Coloring
No Flavoring
No Preservatives
No Fillers
-certified gluten free
-soy free
-dairy free
-farm fresh
-herbicide and pesticide free
The B-Centered and Daily Immune are Vegan too (instead of simply vegetarian)
So far, so good, MegaFoods.

What are they then!?

Right- I had the same question.
I went ahead and read through all of the ingredients which are quite easy to understand and not in crazy amounts like 3000% of your daily value. Who needs 3000% of anything? That just makes really expensive dirty diapers. No Thanks.
Depending on the mix they have tumeric, carrots, and fruits, oranges, elderberry and echinacea or brown rice, bacopa (yep, looked this one up, helps with focus and mood) and broccoli- all organic of course.  All things my cherub refuses to eat. A crunchy momma’s dream.
Now, if you’ve followed along from the beginning we’re more like crunchy-lite ’round these parts. Would I like for him to eat all really-great-stuff-picked-from-a farm-that-day and presented to him complete with fresh-pressed-juice which he eats with no qualms? umm duh! But this is the real world with a 2-year-old. I’m lucky if he doesn’t request gummies and cookies for breakfast. I’m in for anything that will help him to get the good stuff without the fight. Enter these powders. We’ve tried them, we like them and we’ll use them in moderation as we do everything else. I did notice that the smoothie had a great color and texture and that he asked for more right away! I wish I could combine all three into the same smoothie but I’m thinking that would just make for a confused ride through his digestion. So we’ll stick with one at a time, for now.
Also, be forewarned, it says for ages 5 and up.
Here’s my take with this.
1) My kid needs some good vitamins and I can’t wait until he’s 5 to get them.
2) His doctor is fine with him taking these vitamins.
3) The kid eats McDonalds every once in a blue moon and I can tell you for a fact they aren’t gluten-soy-and-dairy-free, farm-fresh-vegetarian-and-non-gmo.
You win some, you lose some. Life is a balancing act.
So we’ll continue to foomie-it-up here in the hopes that he continues to get the good stuff while balancing the not-so-good stuff. Super glad we got to try these!

Be Great,

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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  1. Sounds like you have this covered. To be honest, I think you can worry too much about these things and I’m sure what you are giving him will be fine.

  2. Yum! I love smoothies!! It’s a great way to get additional fruits and veggies and fiber. I try to get in a few each week. I sometimes blend one up for my husband, and I’ll probably make them for my littles too someday. Thanks for sharing!

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