The Dreaded, Forget.

We have ten days before the big man in red makes his appearance.
If you’re anything like me that means you, as a parent, are excessively busy.

I do my best to plan ahead but somehow as it draws near I find myself hustlin’ and bustlin’ along. Up to my ears in wrapping paper and tape and still I’ve forgotten something.
There is no terror like Target the week before a holiday.
Mom’s of littles, you hear me. No parent wants to subject themselves to the last-minute-gift-request and going to Target is a surefire way to set up that exact scenario.

Picture this:
You’re leisurely (ha) walking through the store with the children quietly (ha ha) nestled in the cart. Only picking up what is on your meticulously detailed list, and organized by section. (please hold while I dissolve into a fit of giggles) Then you approach the toy section. Now if you’ve been to the store in the last month you will have noticed that this particular section doesn’t seem to have recovered from Black Friday. Dolls are strewn about the aisles, all types of vehicles have found their way into the wrong bins and the nerf section is worryinglly depleated.
This allows your child ample opportunity to survey, decide and ask. You become a racecart (see what I did there?) driver and begin to weave, bob and shuffle past the mounting number of toys until you finally reach the other side. Slightly scratched and with a sniffling toddler begging for “one more train” beause he doesn’t already have 20 at home and ending with “Maybe, I ask Santa.”
Oh boy.

May your last minute shopping trip be uneventful and may your coffee be strong.
Luckily for many, Target has a Starbucks right inside. It’s like they already know. 

Be Great,

3 thoughts on “The Dreaded, Forget.

  1. Starbucks stays winning — I know how many people constantly depend on their coffee for life and living!
    My mom is marking the days for when she needs to take my baby sister already 😀

  2. Now this I call the perfect marketing strategy of the Target to attract kids! I’ve seen many times kids getting unmanageable in the toys aisle and screaming at the top of their voices to buy everything. Their parents look miserable at times!

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