Fort Livin’

20161203_114223To give credit where credit is due, this was not my idea. But boy, am I glad we borrowed it.
Auntie M had a free weekend ahead of her after weeks of awesome travel including a transatlantic trip with Mr. KC (you can read all about her adventures here). Mr. KC jokingly, or maybe he just knows her that well, suggested that she spend the weekend in a blanket fort watching Christmas movies… Ummm stellar idea, Sir.
But, let’s be realistic. I have two, small, semi-destructive children. There’s no way a blanket-fort was going to survive here. So we settled for our “Tommy Pillows” and a quilt. Oh and a bucket on the head to complete the look. Ta da!20161203_101416
We ended up watching a few of my favorites: Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer before moving on to more exciting things. Like legos, of course.

Then I got a photo of Auntie M’s fort on my snapchat… and on Instagram… and on Google hangouts. Fiiiiine. I’m quite good at resisting peer pressure, unless, apparently, it involves blanket-forts and Christmas movies.

After Bubba’s naptime, we set about creating our own fort.
Oma & Daddo gave Bubba a tent for Christmas last year. A real, indoor, play tent just for him. I thought about setting that up and calling it a day, but a blanket-fort it is not. And I can’t imagine getting all four of us into it. So, plan B. Call Auntie M.
We video chatted with her and got some tips/pointers about the perfect fort and away we went. Added a few king sheets, some ties, lots of pillows and a strand of Christmas lights – we were cooking with gas! 20161203_182612

Best news: Bubba and Little Bear loved it!
We made dinner, and took our meal to the fort!
Indoor picnic, blanket-fort, and family. A perfect Saturday night.
Thanks, Auntie M and Mr. KC!

I will admit… after the kids went to bed and Hubs went to the movies. I did put on Elf, pour a glass of wine and sit in the tent to work on Little Bear’s stocking.
How do you spend your Saturday nights?

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11 thoughts on “Fort Livin’

  1. Fort Blanket seems like a great idea for snowy winter nights with some board games and bright flashlights, especially if the power goes out.

    I went to the Christmas Tree lighting (and Santa arrival by boat) in Newport Rhode Island on Saturday evening.

  2. Awe, I used to build blanket forts all the time as a little kid. Always made me feel like I was living in a mysterious magical place. Great memories your kids will never forget, for sure! 🙂

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