Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

Gifts for MomAre you struggling with what to get the special ‘mom’ in your life?
Lucky for you- I, as a Mom, am here to help!

Please note, most of these are extreme gifts and mostly in jest. A girl can dream, can’t she?
I am well aware that Dads need these too, but I’m a Mom… I speak for the Mommies. 

Gifts for Mom this Holiday Season

  1. Quiet: Does the Mom in your house have an odd twitch in her eye when things start to get loud? Has she threatened to change her name and not tell anyone what it is? Does she constantly put her fingers in her ears or hum loudly?
    If so- you know this is the perfect gift for her.
    Take the kiddos to a movie or the grandparent’s house on a weekend for just a couple of hours (the magic number is a minimum of 2) and allow her to have some uninterrupted time just for her!
  2. A Honey-Done List: She’s got several things she has asked, nay, nagged you to complete but who has the time? Well, this holiday season, make the time to get a few things done and present her with a completed honey-do list- watch the smiles erupt!
  3. A Clean House: Do your children think the vacuum belongs to Mom? Does her Eau de Parfum have an antibacterial note to it? Does she wonder aloud about the ability of the children to create crumbs from nothing?
    Check, check and check- this is the perfect present!
    Nothing makes a busy Mom happier than seeing her partner cleaning, folding or organizing in the home without being asked. Do not be alarmed if she seems suspicious. It’s a common side effect. Simply continue on your way and reassure her that nothing is wrong, you’re just trying to help. No time to clean it yourself? Hire someone and set it up for her!
  4. A Back RubJust a back rub.
    Bonus if you can bring someone to the house/send her to a massage.
  5. A Day Off: Moms don’t usually get days off. Even on weekends, children need to be fed and reared; houses need to be cleaned and laundry needs to be done. Imagine how she would react if she had the whole day with no responsibility, no schedule and no one calling her name. Now, this may not be ideal for those with super small littles who can’t be away from Mommy, but hold on to this one for another holiday. It never goes out of style.
    For the big spender- present her with a gift card to go shopping.
  6. An HGTV Designer: You know she spends most of her downtime watching HGTV and oohing-ahhing over the remodels. Why not hire Chip and Joanna Gaines to come over for a consultation?
  7. Appreciation: This gift is not for the faint of heart. Though it may cost absolutely nothing, it does come with the understanding of a genuine delivery. Acknowledgment of her daily hard work (especially those who work and raise children) and appreciation for all that she is able to juggle with a heartfelt delivery are key. If you’re searching for phrases to get you started on the right foot here are a few:
    -I don’t know how you do it. The house looks great; the kids are taken care of, and you worked today. You are amazing.
    I know it’s been a busy week for all of us. Thank you for doing the laundry.
    I can’t believe you get all of this done in one day. You’re the best.
    Or simply: Thank you, I love you.

Do you have other great gift ideas for Mom?
Happy Shopping!

Be Great,

12 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

  1. I love this list. I think the first one is the best. I would love to have a gift like that,. I feel appreciated but a day of peace and quiet would be awesome and do wonders for my soul.

  2. These are all such great ideas! I love the honey and done list and the backrub! The only problem is I need to get someone to give me that backrub or go pay for one -lol. I don’t have kids so quiet mornings are my favorite – really early before anyone gets up! I can imagine most of these things are a Godsend for mommies- great post!

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