I often find myself wondering exactly what am I doing with this blog?
What a great question, right? We’re on month four of 5-day-a-week blogging and I don’t see an end in sight. Sorry, ya’ll are stuck with me. 
I decided to take a moment and write down my goals for GfG and I hope you’ll help me stick to them.

Goals: Grateful for Gummies
1) Don’t go nuts with the change from education world to At-Home-Mommy-World.
It’s not talking to myself if you’re here, right?

2) Share fun tidbits and celebrations from the Littles.
They are funny kids!

3) Add a little positive to the interwebs.
There is so much crazy and unhappy going on right now, I’d rather be an escape that another noise into the void.

4) Make you smile.
If you even so much as crack a brief grin, I’ve done my job for the day.

5) Divulge Mommy-wisdom and secrets.
Hey, I’m just as clueless as the rest of you, but when I find something that works, I’m happy to share it.

6) Conquer the world. Have fun!
#Angel #JustKidding #ButReally

I know those goals seem a bit lofty and maybe unrealistic but the beauty of them is that I can change them whenever and if I shoot for something way up high I might just find myself with something amazing!

Thank you for being here. I hope you continue to come back. If you forget, like I often do, and then are pleasantly surprised when you stumble back here, go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss a single gummy minute!

Be Great,

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