Gobble Gobble Fashion Wobble

turkey-rev-1Happy November, Gummies!

October sure did fly by quicker than I expected. Eek! Time to get my rear, in gear. When I say that, I mean that I have certain things that I’d like to have completed before December. *Insert scoff here.* A girl can dream, right? Most pressing is Little Bear’s Christmas stocking. More on that another time, but wish me luck.

In the meantime, I’d like to start your November off with an extra dose of cute courtesy of The Hair Bow Company! (Note the reuse of my super favorite Pumpkin clip.) Disclaimer: Yes, I was given this adorable outfit for the purpose of reviewing and sharing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is what they refer to as a Tutu Onesie and oh-my-goodness is it adorable. There are a few things I look for when deciding if I am going to purchase a piece of clothing for Little Bear (as well as for Bubba, but let’s face it, home-boy likes his t-shirts).
1) Fit
2) Feel
3) Real-Life-Usability
4) Look
5) Price

turkey-21) Fit: This is a size small. It is perfection when it comes to fit. It doesn’t fall off her shoulders or squeeze her chunky little legs and has enough stretch to allow her to move. Arm length is great and doesn’t cover her fingers.
Fit= A.

2) Feel: Now, often times when you get a piece of clothing for a baby it’s either thin and flimsy or starchy and unyielding. It’s hard to make baby clothes, I’m sure. This tutu onesie is thick enough to withstand a VA November yet light enough to wear indoors without discomfort. The tutu is super soft. As in, one of those pieces you can run your hands over and it just feels silky. Little Bear liked playing with the turkey on the front too. She was playing with the ribbon feathers and they withstood her baby-hulk-grip.
Feel= A.

3) Real-Life-Usability: Can I put her in a car seat in this? Yes. Will she wear it with ease? Yes. Will she ruin it if she drools on it? No. Can I see her wearing it more than once? Yes. Am I afraid of putting it on her in fear that it will be ruined? No.

gobble-gobble4) Look: I really don’t need to say much on this one. It’s super cute- to the point that I took way too many photos of her in it. Sorry-not-sorry Instagram followers.
Look= A+.

5) Price: I check this piece online and for the fit, look, feel and overall quality I was shocked at the great price. I definitely thought it would be much more. I have to say, I bought a Christmas dress for Little Bear at a popular retailer recently with lower quality and it was more expensive. I think I’ll be returning it and ordering a Christmas something for her from The Hair Bow Company instead.
Price= A.

I felt bad giving this all A’s because I figured, who would believe an all A review? But I have to be honest, so I can give you my downside to this piece without feeling bad: My one downside to this Tutu Onesie is that she’ll grow out of it after Thanksgiving rolls around… But, kids grow, so it’s to be expected. Oh well- On to the next holiday!

turkey-3Check out The Hair Bow Company at their website, on Facebook and on Instagram to see their items for girls AND boys! Tell them I sent you. I take full blame for helping your kids to look squishy-adorable.

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  1. It’s great that you have this list. Little ones tell us what they like in their own way. I’m sure your family appreciates that you think of them first when purchasing clothes. That little hair clip is adorable.

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