We’ve been introducing Bubba to a host of holiday movies this year.
It’s been great- finally, someone I can watch my favorite movies with who won’t mind me saying every word!
Small wins!
One of those such movies has been The Grinch the Jim Carrey version for those of us in the know. 
I did take pause before showing it to him as it is a movie with real dialogue that we worry he’ll pick up, but we’re hoping some good parenting will keep that at bay. When you’re in the car for 90 mins, you take your chances.
He loved it. I do; however, now know what it’s like to have a friend ask questions every five seconds during a movie.
“Mommy, where the Grinch?”
“Mommy, why he sad?”
“Mommy, what her name?”
“Mommy, what on her head?”
“Mommy, why he eat glass?”
“Mommy, why he make mess at his house?”
and so on.
To put it in perspective, it was a 90-minute trip each way. So, naturally, we watched it twice.

It did give us an opportunity to talk about attitude, something we’ve been working with him on lately. I’ve said before that he has a strong spirit… well, it’s still there!
He’s been doing his best to force his way when necessary which has made for some unhappy consequences for him. Namely, the dreaded time-out.
In keeping with the holiday season, we’ve had appearances from our own little Grinch right here at home. It is probably due to the added excitement, late nights and excess candy. All things that make the holidays great.
This movie actually lends itself beautifully to the lesson of “your actions have consequences” as the characters show sadness, anger, disappointment and happiness throughout.
Ah ha- teachable moment! Thank you, movie people.
I think Mr. Mini-Grinch has begun to figure things out.
At least, it would behoove him to do so…

Be Great,

9 thoughts on “Grinchy-Poo

  1. I haven’t seen that movie in such a long time! I don’t have a tv but I enjoy services like Netflix / Hulu. When I go home, I’m very much looking forward to watching some holiday movies with my mother.

  2. I’ve never seen the Grinch. But it’s great that you were able to use it to teach a valuable message about consequences. I find that nature and animals are also exciting sources for “teaching” life lessons.

  3. Great way to use the movie as a learning experience! Can’t wait for my daughter to get to that age. She still has no concept. :/ But I will be doing the same. Great post, thanks for sharing it!

  4. I was just making a christmas movie list for my fiancee and I, The Grinch was the top of the list. I think it was such a good idea to engage with your children on emotional movies. Movies can be used to an advantage for children in educational ways. I will keep this in mind when I have children in the future (:

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