Half-Birthday Babe

Little Bear is half-a-year-old.
Where did the time go?
I sure have no idea, I think I blinked and 6 months went by. Oh dear.

I was excited to take Little Bear’s photos this time because we have another Hair Bow Company outfit and THIS one may be my favorite? It. Has. A. Tutu.
pink tutu.

On top of the tutu- there’s an adorable headband and a soft onesie that says half-birthday-baby.

So- I’ll let you enjoy the photos!6mo

Little Bear’s Likes: 
Laughing at Big Brother
Hearing Daddy’s Voice
Seeing her Grandparents
Listening to music
Little Einsteins
The wee hours of the morning

Little Bear’s Skills
Rolling everywhere.
Trying to push up on her knees. Slow down please.
Playing with toys
Waking up at 4am to party.

6mo1Of course, a photo shoot with Little Bear means Bubba wants to get in on the fun too. He wanted to ‘wear a costume and say cheese too.’ Hence the hat.  Can’t leave him out!
I love these two.

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8 thoughts on “Half-Birthday Babe

  1. The Little Bear looks absolutely adorable and her costume is just gorgeous as well to add more beauty to her. Bubba looks excited on a photoshoot with her and this is really cute indeed!

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