Happy 4th!

It is July… Did you get that?
J-U-L-Y, a favorite month of mine, but REALLY!? Already!? How!? Where!?
Okay- now that I’m finished freaking out- Happy 4th of July!

If you’ve stopped by before you know that family traditions are BIG around these parts, but strangely we don’t have too many 4th of July traditions. We enjoy spending the day low-key by the pool (or a lake if possible) cooking out and watching fireworks.

We’ve been really lucky that my parents have a pool in their yard and even more so that they encourage us to use it whenever possible. We did swim lessons for Bubba and Little Bear as well as ensuring that the kids are properly suited up for swimming (i.e. Bubba wears a coast-guard approved life vest- better safe than sorry!) In being lucky, we often have the opportunity to spend holidays with a variety of people including both sides of our family! We cherish these moments as we now know that our kids are growing so quickly (Where did the last YEAR go!?) and that the more time we spend making memories the more we’ll have to look back on in the months and years to come!

This year, we’re planning to stop by the 4th of July parade in town, spend time entertaining Uncle E’s friends (if we don’t bug them too much first), swimming, naps and maybe some firework watching from afar. Bedtimes still stick, even on firework nights. Oh, and of course…food!

What do you have planned!?
Stay tuned to the Grateful for Gummies Facebook page for updated 4th of July photos- if I can get these two rascals to sit still long enough!

Be Great,

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