Happy Birthday, Daddy!

 bdayToday is the day that’s all about him.
He’s fun and exciting, the best jungle gym. 
His hugs and his kisses give us all delight
A day of all days to celebrate is just right. 
It’s our Daddy’s birthday and we love him so, 
His teaching and guidance will help us to grow!
So give up a cheer (and maybe a beer) 

It’s our Daddy’s Birthday, a-whole-‘nother year!

Today’s post is all about Daddy.
Bubba’s favorite thing to do during the week is to call Daddy on the puter (computer) and “talk a him.”
Once he gets Daddy on the phone, the requests begin and they go something like this.

“Hi Daddy! You a work?” daddy-bday
Yeah, buddy. I’m at work.
“Daddy! Come home now.”
I wish, Buddy, but not quite yet.
“Daddy, you come home, I go store. Buy gummies.”
We just bought gummies at the store. We don’t need any more.
“Daddy, I want chokates.”
You’ll have to talk to Mommy about that, I think it’s too early for chocolates. (Mind you, it’s 10 am)
“I have chokates Daddy? You get ’em?”
I can’t get them, I’m at work.
“You a work? What you doin’ here?”
I’m at work.
“Oh, okay. Bye Daddy! I you too!” *blows kisses* “I bow kisses a you Daddy! Bye.” bday2
Then he runs off to play with something while I finish up with the conversation and say goodbye. This is very much a common occurrence. Bubba loves his Daddy.
Then, when Daddy get’s home Bubba runs to him and says “Daddy! You home now?” Which is way too funny for me because, clearly, he’s home. But it’s the same question every day. There’s nothing like watching your child’s delight when one of his favorite people walks through the door. I can’t help but smile. Let me shed some light for those of you without kiddos.
We had our dog long before we had kids and we thought the best feeling was the joy we could see when ‘A’ greeted us at the door. We used to call it the A-wiggle. The amount of wag his tail had would make it so his body couldn’t handle the wiggle. He ends up looking like a letter ‘c’ trying to get to us at the door. Now, in his old age, A still greets us, but he’s grown into his tail and usually greets us with his toy of choice.
Now, take that excitement, put it into the body of a toddler who can talk and ta-da! Royal welcoming crew! bday3

Life with 2 littles and a dog is never dull. I’m glad I have a partner who can help shoulder the hard days and celebrate the joys.

To the man who asked me to be his girlfriend, his bride, and his partner,
Who made me a mother and who supports all I do,
I wish YOU the happiest of birthdays and a million great things to come this next year.
I love you, we love you!

Be Great,

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