Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you who are US based-

Happy Thanksgiving!


We will be doing things a little different this year.
Our list includes:
1)Breakfast & Watching the Macy’s Parade on TV.
Our family has been to the parade a few times and I have loved going every time. Despite the cold, tons of people and trip up to NYC it is always worth a trip. If you have a chance to go- I highly recommend it.

2) Brunch with Nona, Papa & Family
We get to host brunch this year- we’re trying something a bit different. Not turkey, of course, because that’s dinner. I sure hope it’s delicious. Stay tuned.

3) Dinner at Oma & Daddos
We are providing some dessert this year. Can’t wait to try a new recipe. Lots of new things this year. Breaking out of our shell a bit. 😉

Spending time with both families is a highlight of this holiday for us.
Another highlight is that I get to chat with you all today and every day.
I am thankful for you and for each one of you that has shared the Grateful for Gummies page or posts. You are THE best!

What are your Thanksgiving Traditions?
I’m off to dress Little Bear in her adorable Turkey Onesie-Romper and Bubba in his button-down. Hoping they stay adorable until dinner time.

Be Great (and thankful)

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