Ho Ho Holidays

santa-3-1I’m going to admit it for all the world to know, here and now…
We are Christmas-Cheaters!
Knowing just how crazy-busy things are in our area (and I’m sure in yours too) the thought of doing certain holiday things gives me heart palpitations.
One of these things is visiting the jolly old elf, himself. Good Ole Santa Claus!
This is our third year visiting Santa with kiddos and I can honestly say, no two visits have yet to be the same. Always a toss-up which kid reaction we’re going to get.

santa-1Visit 1: Bubba 7 months old- no tears. Mild infatuation with soft red pants.
Adorable photo

santa-2Visit 2: Bubba 1.5 years old- great in line. No issues. As soon as we approached Santa, tears.
A+ photo for the “I’m going to be a big brother announcement.”


Visit 3: Bubba 2.5 years old & Little Bear 6 months- Bubba wasn’t too keen on the idea of seeing Santa but very interested in getting a lollipop he saw the other kids receiving. The bribe is strong with this one. Little Bear had zero cares. Bubba did his best to negotiate a way to get the lollipop but not actually see Santa. In the end, we have a photo, albeit- both of their mouths are agape, but no tears!

I’ll call it a Santa-visit-photo success.

We’re Christmas Cheaters because we go before Thanksgiving- which is a total no-no. The trade off of waiting in line, hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping routine and the fact that it’s usually dinner time when we go is enough to make the pre-turkey-day trip worth it. Granted, Santa showed up at our local mall on November 12th this year that’s way too early for us. We’re talking within a couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving. In-photo-out-done

So, I’ll take our holiday faux pas and enjoy the fact that unless completely necessary, I do not have to set foot in the mall until after the holidays.

If you need me, I’ll be perusing amazon.

Be Great,

9 thoughts on “Ho Ho Holidays

  1. Hahahha a Bubba is awesome . I know feel like a cheater my kids have never taken a pic with Santa but I always take holiday pics around thanksgiving lol .

  2. I think that’s a brilliant plan! I can remember the days of taking my kids to see Santa when they were little. Packed mall, long lines, and everyone is hot, sweaty, and grouchy by the time you reach Santa! At least with your plan you can avoid at least part of that equation. 🙂

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