Hold Your Tongue


“Take a few photos.” He said
“It’ll be a great blog post.” He said…

Little did he know how true of a statement that would be.
Some days I find myself thinking I can’t make this stuff up. How do these things happen to us? Oh well, good thing I have a blog.

Saturday was a gorgeous fall day. Gorgeous.
Magazine perfect. Blue sky, light breeze, comfortable temperature.

We started the day with a morning walk to the new giant houses down the street from our cul-de-sac. It’s always nice to see the Lifestyle-of-the-rich-and-not-so-famous. Honestly, these homes are huge, and beautiful. Le sigh. b1

Halfway into our walk, we were stopped by a lovely couple who were perusing the area.
“Hi! Do you live here?”
*muffled giggles* Here? Oh no, not here, specifically but we do live in town, about a mile over. What can we help you with?
“Oh, we are looking to purchase a new home.”
That’s awesome. This is a lovely area. Quiet, calm and we’re happy to raise our kiddos here.
“Great, our business is in the next town over. So this isn’t too far away.” 
Hubs: Wait. The burger place? I knew I recognized you! 
*continued conversation* Guess we’re going to get burgers for lunch.
So off to the burger joint we went.
Of course, it was Saturday when everyone wants burgers. EV.ERY.ONE.
We adjusted our plan, Hubs went in to order, Mommy took the littles to grab a coffee and we reconvened a few minutes later.

As it was a day too nice for words we decided to take the kids to a park, a short ways away so we could eat and Bubba could run out his excessive 2-and-a-half-year-old energy. Juggling a toddler, bag of food, blankets to sit on, an infant and the diaper bag we clumsily made our way to the park and playground. It was empty, score! Bubba could play to his heart’s content and not have to share anything. A toddler’s dream.
We ate, he played, Little Bear was chill and all was good. b4

Or was it.

As we packed up to leave I said to Hubs. She needs to eat and he needs a nap. I think we should head out.
‘OK.’ He says. *pause* ‘Well, we may not be going anywhere.’
What do you mean?
‘Well. I can’t find the keys.’ The keys…. the. only. keys. we. have. with. us.
We spent the next 30-45 minutes searching for a single key on a fob. Quite literally like a needle in a haystack. No dice.
Lucky for us, as regular readers are aware, Oma & Daddo live close and they happen to have TWO car seat bases. Wahoo! I called Oma, explained our situation through muffled laughter because of course this would happen to us, and we waited for her to arrive.
Littles and Mommy to Omas, Hubs and Oma back to the house for the second set of keys and back to the car. Keys are gone forever. Right? b3

Now, I had already walked next door with Little Bear to ask the service station if anyone had turned in a set of keys. Wishful thinking but a girl can hope. They looked at me like I had 8 heads. ooooh-kay. no keys. Thanks, guys. Bye!
Yet, it so happened that once Hubs and Oma returned to the car a gentleman happened to be walking by the car and asks “Oh, did you find your keys?”
Hubs: Umm no, do you know where they are?
-OH yeah! I dropped them off at the dealership over there. The second one I think. Ask the service desk. Have a nice day.
*blink blink* You’re kidding…
So hubs runs around, finds the keys and now we have both sets back!
Someone is clearly looking out for him lately.

b2So, our quick outing for lunch turned into an all afternoon affair with a later naptime included but, we have the keys.

Crisis…managed. Whew, what a day.
Hopefully that doesn’t happen again any time soon.

Have you ever lost your keys? Have a funny story about it. I’d love to read it!

Be Great,

12 thoughts on “Hold Your Tongue

  1. Not lost keys exactly…. but the battery on my key fob died one day after Austin’s lacrosse practice… standing in the hot sun with a sweaty young man, I called home and tried the “internet story” about holding your phone near the door while the other key fob is pressed on the other end (it must be true, it’s on the Internet right), no go… so Miss Martha is on her way… wait 5 minutes and look down and realize… that thing in my hand, it’s called a key… think back to your childhood Darrin, how does this mysterious device work…. oh yes, insert and turn, whalla, open door. Now to call the Mrs and try to come up with a story of how I magically opened the door and let her know, thank you, but you no longer have rescue you hubs and son.

  2. Meg, I think you are one of the few people that could tell a story about lost car keys and make it fun to read. It sounds like you actually had a great day…

    Somehow my camera battery charger did get lost this weekend. Not sure how that happened, but I received a call a few minutes ago that it had been turned in to the lost and found at the university where I presented. They have mailed it back to me and I will have it by Wednesday. Nice people!!!

  3. I really enjoyed this story. Lol. I thought the craziest most random events only happened to me. Now I see I’m not alone. I, however, only have one key to my car so if I lose it… Welp, it’ll just be one terrible horrible no good very bad day. 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh boy! The adventures of losing things! I haven’t lost my car keys but I have lost other important things. I misplaced my wedding ring for about a week. That was pretty terrible. Also I lost an iPod and it was a few years before I found where it was hiding. I almost never fully lose anything- just severely misplaced. 😉

  5. You have a great style, so fun 🙂 I am immediately entering panicky mode when something like that happens and I have two kiddos out and about. Great that it didn’t spoil the day for your awesome fam!

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