In the Blink of an Eye

Wonder upon wonders- raising kids is like playing dominos. Once one thing starts, everything goes faster and faster and faster.
Just a few short weeks ago we were excited about Little Bear crawling
Now she’s not only crawling but pulling up to standing and staying upright for an extended amount of time.
Just the other day, as you can see in the video above, I went to bust Little Bear out of Baby-Jail after naptime, and to my surprise, she was standing in her crib waiting for me. We’ve seen her pull up to standing next to the couch, on her toys, etc.- but never in her bed.
You can see on her face exactly how proud she is.

I am going to make a confession here:
We didn’t push Bubba to crawl, walk or run.
In our thought processes, we determined that he would meet all of those milestones in due time. Selfishly, I found comfort knowing that at least for a little while, he would stay where I put him… and then he began moving. It’s a whole new world from there- baby proofing, removing dog toys, chasing and general business.
Now. Add. Another. One.
They say the second kid does things quicker than the first as they have someone to watch and motivation to be like their bigger sibling. That is definitely the case over here.
Yet we didn’t force, coerce or encourage early movement for Little Bear either.

As parents, I think we tend to push the next step onto our kids earlier than necessary.
Of course, things like sleeping through the night benefit everyone involved. But maybe they just aren’t ready to crawl, stand or walk just yet. Maybe they’re working on language or eating new foods or another skill they need to give their full attention to.
I fully believe that parents need to take a look at their child’s development overall before beginning a new skill. When they’re ready, they’ll let you know.

Hubs said it best when I suggested that the “binky fairy” comes to Bubba’s soon.
“He’s potty training, learning to coexist with a sister who can now touch his stuff, and he’s working on his emotions… do you really want to remove the binky now? He won’t get married with it. A bit more time isn’t going to ruin him.”
Well said dear, well said…

Be Great,

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