It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane!






We all know that Bubba loves planes, trains, and automobiles. Basically, anything that goes. Most recently our two favorite songs are “The Excavator Song” and the “Garbage Truck Song.”
Seems to be a rite-of-passage in the world of little boys and boy are we passing through.

We have been much better about doing more activities now that Bubba is older. Poor Little Bear is dragged from event to event but she’s a champ! She’ll be quite adept at attending events at a young age. A couple of weeks ago it was the Renn Faire and this latest outing was to the Annual Air Show! The weather was perfect- a bit overcast with a breeze. Ahh Fall. Though, I did get my first sunburn of the year…in fall… you can tell exactly how much I haven’t been outside this past summer.
bblog-3This event was amazing for several reasons. They had shuttled parking, a ‘suggested donation’ per family instead of a ticket price, food trucks as well as cars, planes, and kelohopters! (helicopters for those who don’t speak Bubba) AND we got to attend with Oma & Daddo. Bonusbblog-7
Both Daddo and Hubs are avid aero-craft fans. If it flies, could fly, flew before or had an inkling of flight- they’re into it. This was definitely the place for them. We had an opportunity to walk through, around and among all types of objects of flight. Bubba got to go in ablog-6 yellow rescue helicopter, get close to the biggest military chopper I’ve ever laid eyes on as well as rescue and classic vehicles. To top off the afternoon, there was a flying circus and demonstration show.
The stunts they were performing were jaw-dropping and exciting. Flips, spins, turns and more. I know I would have passed out first turn and many of the pilots had started flying at the age of sixteen. Sixteen. I think the best part was seeing the men and boy simply watching in awe. A great experience for all! Can’t wait for next year when Bubba is a little older.
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16 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane!

  1. My brother loved anything with wheels when he was that age too… trucks, trains, airplanes, he was obsessed! He would definitely have loved an outing like this, looks like fun!

  2. Looks like such a fun event! My hubby is too obsessed with aircraft and astronomy, so we went to Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Washington D.C. during this labor day weekend and he took almost 5 and half hours to explore the entire museum and I was sitting in the food court!

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