Generational Memories

Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!
-Joseph B. Wirthlin

20161111_132053I’ve had a pretty fun past so far. Some of my favorite memories are growing up and having great times with my family. It is quite funny how my siblings and I have such different memories of similar events. We each remember different things that stood out to us. I wonder how they’d remember the following, I’ll have to ask.
My mom’s parents used to live in PA. We’d get to visit and all of the grandkids would run down to the basement to play. There was an entire room of dress up clothes, toys and even what we called the flower room where Nana had all of her faux flowers. I, personally, loved playing flower shop and pretending to sell the flower arrangements. Also, in that same basement was an old player piano. The kind where you load the paper scroll, sit down and get to peddling. We’d spend hours down there changing songs and ‘playing’ to our heart’s content. Then, they moved to VA- and the player piano came with them. By this point, my brother was old enough to enjoy the piano and all its music. A new round of songs and melodies.
Fast forward about 19 years.
They’ve moved again (closer to us) and the player piano came with them. Points to the piano- I’m not sure how old it is at this point.
Recently the kiddos and I were visiting for lunch and I remembered the piano.
20161111_131526After some initial meddling and ultimate removal of the front panel, Nana got it to work, yet again. This time- I was the adult doing the peddling with the small person on my lap. Also, a quick apology to anyone who had to peddle with me on their lap, I’m so sorry. That’s some serious work. Bubba LOVED the music. His only complaint was the pause in tunes while we ‘rerolled’ the scroll.
“Mommy, why you go slow?”
Buddy, these are fragile, they’re older than Mommy. I don’t actually know how old they are.
“Ooooh Kaaaay”
We played several songs before we convinced him it was time for lunch. Little Bear fell asleep while we were playing- a true testament of likability for her.
Bubba has asked about the piano several times already. We’ll have to make another trip over to visit again soon. 20161111_1359030

I am so thankful that our kids have multiple sets of great-grandparents and grandparents in their lives. Not many kids get to say that these days. Here’s to creating a new round of memories.

Be Great,
(I apologize for the bouncy video- it’s hard to peddle and video.)


15 thoughts on “Generational Memories

  1. What a touching and vivid post. I felt as if I was there peddling with you! So glad also that you shared this with the world. It proves that our memories help to shape who we are, so we should create as many good ones as possible!

  2. My mom had a piano that I wasn’t able to take at the time they sold their house and I grumble about that all the time. It’s fun to see your kids playing with something you played with as a child. Yes, they are lucky to have great grandparents and grandparents.

  3. Grandparents always have a special place in our hearts! I do have many sweet memories of my childhood with my grandparents and your post made me nostalgic about good old memories spent with them!

  4. such wonderful memories Meg, the piano and ballet are 2 things that my Mum tried to get me to learn but I was too stubborn back when I was little, I regret it now.

  5. When it comes to family, I have so many such precious moments that I had with my grand parents all through the years. Your story is amazing and I can relate so many such sweet memories of my childhood with them that could bring tears out of joy!

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