Mess-Maker 2000

Smudges on windows and crumbs on the couch-
these are a few of my least favorite things.

As children get older, their vocabulary and their ability to make messes get bigger.
Bubba is no exception. Lately, his messes have included a few more in-depth clean ups.
I’m just here to let my fellow parents know, you are not alone. Let me share with you in the hopes that you find humor in my endeavors.

In the mornings, I usually have work to do of a time-sensitive nature. As such, Bubba needs breakfast and to be entertained during this time. He begins his day with some cheerios or other breakfast of choice (yes, he still requests gummies most days to no avail) and some iPad or book time. When we eat, we have something to wet the whistle too, right? Normally, for Bubba, it’s what he calls ‘purple juice,’ some watered down version of a kool-aid squeezie in a non-spill cup. One morning last week he requested milk with breakfast, #healthy.
I happily presented him with his milk and went about the morning. At some point, the non-spill cup became just the opposite. After block time, and lego time,  I returned to the couch, sat down and immediately jumped up doing a dance I’d rather not repeat. As I shimmied around the family room, saying “cold, cold, cooooold” to the delight of my children, I realized that the entire cup of milk had made its way out of the cup, through the quilt and onto the couch. I cleaned it up as quickly as possible and reinstated the ‘no drinks on the couch’ rule.
All fixed, right?
Wrong. So. Very. Wrong.
You see, as milk dries… it. spoils.
I spent the remainder of the morning attempting to figure out which child needed a diaper change… until it hit me…the couch. ugh.
So- it’s been a fun week. Between the multiple couch cleanings, I think we’re good now, and the lego minefield in the family room, I’m nailing this parenting thing.
Be Great,


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