Nina and The Horses


Bubba and Little Bear are very fortunate. They have an opportunity that not many children have- they not only have grandparents in town, but great grandparents both near and far!

We visit with our in-town family often, especially during the holidays. This week, we went to visit “Nina and Tom.” At least, that’s what Bubba calls them.
It is hard to figure out what your kids will call their grandparents, much less their great grandparents if they’re lucky enough to spend time with them. Luck must be on our side as all of our family members already had names that were different so as not to cause too much confusion, except that Bubba had/has a hard time pronouncing some names. For example, Nana, has become Nina and “Daddy Tom” has become just straight-up ‘Tom’. Nothing like your two-year-old shouting
“Hey Tom! What you doin’ here?”
Across the table at a family gathering. #WhereIsHisMother
During our visit, Bubba proceeded to annihilate several rooms with the numerous toys at his disposal. It had been raining most of the week and he was getting a little stir-crazy. We were all a bit stir-crazy. Low and behold, the rain had stopped leave just a gray haze for a few minutes. Nina offered to take Bubba to see the horses. N & T’s house backs up to a small-ish horse farm that tends to keep two horses in the field directly behind their home. Nina took and cut an apple and led us outside to the fence. Clearly, she’s done this before (and has owner permission). Two beautiful, and large, horses made their way to the fence for a treat. I’m quite sure that Bubba has not been up-close-and-personal with a horse before. Clearly, this animal was much bigger than he was anticipating.
We, being Mommy and Nina, were able to feed the horses while Bubba watched in awe. Little Bear, was unimpressed. Horses, pfft.
The “bwue horse” as Bubba called him was a bit of a bully constantly stomping at the smaller horse in order to get more of the apple. Funny how animals behave. Not to worry, we made sure to divide and conquer to treat both beautiful beasts. Once the apple was gone, “bwue horse” huffed his appreciation and they both trotted off over the hill.
It was very eye-opening to watch Bubba explore something new, and a bit frightening to a person his size. I do love having the chance to stand back and be an observer as much as I love being in the moment. It definitely gives another perspective to the way he experiences and processes new opportunities. I cherish having both sides of our family here and having the chance to spend time with all of them.
These are memories we love to create.

Be Great,

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