Not My Strength

I am the worst at decorating our home. Not because I don’t want to, I asked for HGTV magazine for my birthday, but because I am so very indecisive. I feel like I’ve typed those words before- oh well, must mean it’s true. I just can’t figure out how I want the house to look overall and where to start gathering items. If you give me a holiday, though, I’ll go all out. Halloween? This place is filled with ghoulish-gear. Christmas? It’s like Santa’s workshop threw up. Normal decor? We’re still sporting builder-beige for the majority of our house… hmph.

1902946_995446270912_677564856_nFor almost a year, the only room painted in the entire house was Bubba’s nursery. I am really proud of that nursery. We went with a Peter Pan theme. Hubs’ parents painted the walls and assembled furniture, my parents helped with decor and made the curtain and ta da! A nursery to be proud of.1926210_999160891782_341415733_o


Now he’s old enough to appreciate and identify the characters on the wall he often points them out and tells stories to them. Enjoyable kids room: check!

So, after many months we finally decided to paint the main floor, after all, that’s where we spend most of our time… We went with a beautiful lighter green and to make life easier, we made the whole first floor that color. Worked out nicely.

Then, we found out Little Bear was to make her arrival. Yet again, I had to figure out a theme for the nursery. Now, I like pink. Pink, actually, is a color that I look pretty good in. Yet, I really didn’t want Little Bear’s nursery to be all pink. So we went with a gray paint and white furniture. Very classic. As Bubba’s nursery was Peter Pan, and we like Disney, we (I) decided that her nursery would be mermaids. We didn’t go with straight Little Mermaid but general mermaid. and.I.Love.It.
As such, many things we received for Little Bear’s arrival were mermaid themed. She’s got a mermaid quilt, mermaid painting, and a mermaid blanket. Funny thing is, it all fits her perfectly. When we had her newborn photos, done by the fabulous Blaire at Second Ave Photography, we made sure to bring the mermaid blanket. The photo that resulted is one of my favorite prints from the session. 13566914_10100512227988182_4525491449480737939_n copyAt some point, I’m thinking of getting a print and framing that photo because the colors match her room so well. I do wonder how long  I’ll be able to keep her design this way. When do Little’s decide they want to decorate their own rooms?

Anyway, We were in the neighbor’s house the other day.
It. Is. Beautiful.
The wall colors match the furniture which matches the window treatments and the floor coloring which is pulled together with the smallest details including the coasters. I’ve removed our coasters for fear of shot-put-practice. She says it’s because they don’t have 2-legged-kids, only dogs. I know it’s because she’s got a great eye for design. I do not. I do know one thing, the next decoration decisions are going to be in Mommy & Daddy’s room. But I’m afraid of Pinterest. So far, I’ve had photos and wall prints for years that I just put up last month. And, we just got a headboard in July. Talk about procrastination. 20160724_160724

Anyone really good at decorating who wants to design my room? It needs some TLC that’s for sure.
What is your favorite room in the house? What room do you want to design next?

Be Great,


6 thoughts on “Not My Strength

  1. I think one thing I get addicted too is finding things at TJ Maxx….Girl it is a problem. But with our one bedroom house I am running out of wall space!! LOL But their are somethings I just fall in love with but I am also horrible at decorating. There is not theme but a lot of random stuff in my house!

    • I can pick up a TON a TJ maxx or Michaels or wherever… it just never goes anywhere and DEF doesn’t go together. If I were going for “Ross chic” I’d be all over it.

  2. I love those rooms! I’m not the best at getting decorating done at home, but the spaces that are done are my absolute faves. Also, you’re a great mom for designing the rooms beautifully!

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