Polly Want a Cracker!

img_20161114_173855We are extremely fortunate that Bubba does not spend his time elsewhere.
I’m quite sure he’d be kicked out of daycare.
No, he doesn’t bite, or hit or melt army men… but he has quite the vocabulary.
I’d like to think we’re careful about what we say around him but we all slip sometimes.
Such is life. But… he’s always listening. Always.


Case in point:
Little Bear was asleep and we ventured downstairs in order to give her some “peas and quite” as Bubba says.
After reading 9 books and playing drums on every surface he could find, miraculously, Little Bear was still asleep and Bubba decided he would like to play on his toy slide. Ahh, Mommy can sit for a bit. His slide has a little telescope-type-toy attached to it. Bubba likes to look through it and exclaim that he can ‘see you!’ Super cute.
Apparently, the seat I chose was one that wasn’t visible from the turning radius of the telescope. How dare I?
All of a sudden Bubba exclaims in a voice as clear as a bell.
“Oh Crap!”
Umm excuse me? He did not just say that. I didn’t just hear that. What did you say, buddy?
“I say ‘Oh Crap!’ Mommy. I canna see you.”
We’re not supposed to say that, it’s not nice!
“Oh, I not say ‘Oh Crap’ Mommy? Okay- I say ‘Oh my goodness’ instead. Oh my goodness is nice. Oh Crap is not nice.”
right. You’ve got it, dude. 
As he looks through the telescope again he exclaims “Oh. MY. GOODNESS! I not see you!” in the most exaggerated fashion possible.
I tell you, he does it on purpose. How am I not supposed to laugh?

Never a dull moment around here, even during nap time.

Be Great,

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