Pinky Finger

The time has come.
I knew it would happen, and though I don’t want to stop it, I am surprised it happened so quickly.

Little Bear has wrapped her Daddy right around her little pinky finger.
Show of hands, how many of you have daughters?
How many of those daughters are able to dictate Daddy’s actions before they can speak?
Yep, that’s us too.
It’s different with boys for some reason, I guess we don’t expect them to be so soft, nor are Daddy’s that soft with them usually. Hubs has done a great job with being understanding and patient with Bubba but with Little Bear, it’s a different level of soft.
It happened very simply, if I hadn’t paid attention, I would have missed it.
Usual weeknight dinner activities ensued. We cooked, sat and ate. Little Bear sits at the table with us. We value the “family dinner” tradition. I think both of our families made family dinner a priority, so it is the same with us. Old habits die hard.
Somehow it usually works out that Little Bear is happy to sit in her bouncy seat, watch the table light and listen to us chat and share about our days. This usually gives us enough time to eat and begin to clean up before she starts to fuss.
This night was no different, but when Little Bear started to fuss, it seemed different. We knew she would be hungry soon, but it wasn’t a hunger fuss. It also wasn’t an I need Mommy fuss or an I want to play fuss. It was just, different. As I was on cleanup I delivered Fussy Baby to Daddy and magically… the fussing just stopped. It simply, stopped. She wanted Daddy. She, at her less-than-3-months-of-age has decided that she has an opinion and she at that moment wanted Daddy. #MeltedHeart
He looked at me, I looked at him and smiled. I’m not sure he understood exactly what the change was but he definitely got a message loud and clear from her. I want my Daddy.

It warms my heart to watch him interact with the kiddos. I don’t think I take enough time to simply sit and watch them play. Usually, if I have some time when they’re occupied I’m doing something Mommy-ish. I need to remember to simply watch them and enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have a learning curve. So if you’re a new mom (of one or two or however many), wondering why it is that the Mister can’t get his act together and find the blasted wipes right now. I promise, it gets better. It’s a process for everyone. I think something we, as Moms, tend to forget is that from the moment we found out we were with child we became a Mom. Daddy over there didn’t have that. Feeling baby kick isn’t the same on the outside so once baby arrives, Daddy is playing catchup with his connection to baby. It doesn’t mean he’s not cut out for it or that he needs a troubleshooting guide (though wouldn’t that be nice for all of us?),  he’ll come around with a little guidance from you. I’ll tell you something else that will kick him into high gear. Go to NYC for a weekend with the girls in the family and leave your little one (Bubba was over 1 at the time) at home for Daddy time. It’ll be Daddy Day every day for a while after that. He’ll definitely figure it out then!

Back to Little Bear. She smiles, he melts. She coos, he’s a puddle. He’s totally wrapped around her pinky (and Bubba’s). I doubt he’d have it any other way.

Be Great,

18 thoughts on “Pinky Finger

  1. So sweet. My son has me wrapped around all of his fingers and while I of course do not let him get his way all of the time, I love that he is a momma’s boy. When kids are little as they are (mine is 6) I believe in enjoying every little and big moment and letting him have me wrapped around his finger because one day he may not want his momma as much anymore. *insert sad face*

  2. My daughter adores her Daddy, she is 2 now and talks about him all day long. It is so precious the bond they have. I couldn’t be happier that she has such a wonderful Daddy. Our 8 month old son also adores him and squeals when he gets home. He get’s quite the reception when he comes home from work 🙂

  3. Cute blog posts. We have 2 daughters and they sometimes have him wrapperd around his finger as well. He would also say my son has my little soft spot. Enjoy while they are young.

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