Planning to plan!

If you know me, or have read the blog at all. You’ll know…
I love to plan.I love making lists, and better yet, crossing them off.
I love creating tasks and organizing my thoughts, my plans, and my goals.

Therefore, it follows that I love the fresh breath that January brings.
What better time to make new goals, new plans and start to organize everything?
Sorry, Dear. I’m going to begin moving things again. He hates when I do that. Especially when I switch things in the kitchen. You know, like the cups… surpriiiise. 

Who knows you better than your mother? In my case, no one.
She gave me a fantastic gift this year.
A 2017 Weekly Planner. WITH markers. 100. Brand-New, just-for-mommy-markers. Huzzah!
Please excuse me while I hide in my room and color.
We know between child rearing, blogging, and business I don’t have time to put my numerous coloring books to good use. So, Mom swooped in to save the day and combined my love of planning with my love of coloring.
Enter the Color the Psalms 2017 Weekly Planner.
Every girl needs a little Jesus too. Can I get an Amen? 

I use several lists, to do, and planning apps/programs on my computer and phone. Yet nothing compares to actually writing down the big stuff. I’ve even made the turn to writing things down in marker instead of pencil. I know, so permanent!

If you’re looking to get right with planning this year, I recommend the following tools:
1. Todoist (website & app) This little jewel is an online to-do list that sync’s between the website, phone, and my email. It reminds me when things are overdue, upcoming and due today. It also keeps track of how many days you hit your ‘goal’ of tasks completed and gives your points for crossing things off your list. My closet competitive self really likes to see those numbers go up.
I also confess that I revisit my Todoist before bed to ensure I know my plan to start the next day and then, I sleep quite well!

2. Asana. I’ve started using this for myself, clients and even my husband. We can discuss tasks and ideas, plan calendars and set reminders for important things.
You can also sync these tasks to your office or google calendar.
Mama’s gonna get everybody whipped into organizational shape!

3. Written Planner: For me, nothing beats a pen and paper to ensure I remember something important. I’ll eventually put it into Todoist or Asana but writing it down allows me to process it and think about where it fits best and when it needs to be completed.
I’m the type of person who enjoys knowing that I’ve completed things before moving on with my day. If I had it my way I’d start everything, and complete it, as soon as it came across my desk. If I worked that way in real life, we’d have 1,000 unfinished projects. Nothing would be finished, and that would be a travesty.

So my process is: identify task, write it down, process & prioritize then add to the correct project or list.
What’s yours?
Are there other tools I should be checking out?

Be Great,

One thought on “Planning to plan!

  1. On occasion my magazine columns are about planning.

    My development plan articles encourage people to: 1) decide their goals, 2) define the steps to reach their goals, 3) for the next year to specify what needs to be done each week to reach the goals, 4) to record each of these steps on their calendar with a Tuesday ending date. Then, never to miss a goal, but doing less is OK if need be.

    Why Tuesday? Well everyone tries to finish work by Friday, but they may miss, so we’ll allow the weekend to catch up, and if not there is always Monday (or even Tuesday early in the day).

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