PreSchool Ready

Guess WHAT!
Bubba is going to PRESCHOOL next week.
Wait…what? I’m not old enough for this!

I realized the other day that as many of my friends, former coworkers and acquaintances are sharing their kids’ “First Day” photos… I’m now in that boat too! (Stay tuned for a first-day Photo in September) On the other hand, while some friends are celebrating their child’s last first-day, I’m getting ready to share Bubba’s first first day. How crazy!?

Now, we all want our kids to behave well, follow directions and actually know something when they are in the classroom. As a K-1 teacher (in my former life) I have a plethora of books, activities and ideas at my disposal to fill the non-preschool days. Here is one I was so graciously able to use called Red Rover, Green Rover from If you are unaware, has so many awesome ideas for a variety of grade levels including preschool to fill those gaps on non-school days! This activity was math based (perfect for Bubba) that focused on shape and color recognition.

It was an awesome game and I’m sure it would be even MORE fun when played with a variety of kiddos not just Mommy and Bubba. We changed the rules a bit so we could do a Red Rover, Green Rover Tag with our limited amount of players. We tried to have Little Bear play…but she just tried to eat the paper pieces… maybe a couple more years yet for her.

This game had an added bonus for us- listening skills. We have been desperately working with Bubba on hearing all of the directions before acting, moving, talking or generally toddler-ing. So, in the Red Rover, Green Rover game we were able to give him specific instructions on which he needed to listen completely and then follow in order to have his own turn to make a “rule.” muahahaha cleverly disguised listening skill practice. We’ll take it wherever we can get it!

So I have a request for you all- what are your suggestions for us as we enter this new terrain of a child in a school setting? This is our first foray as parents in this sector and we’re woefully underprepared! Enter vision of me getting the “Parent Night Information Session” email… WHAT? Parent Night!? He’s THREE! Yes… of course we’re attending.

I look forward to your suggestions, and for parents of little ones- I truly suggest you check out if you have not already for seasonal and subject specific ideas to keep your little one’s minds active!

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