Pure Air, Yes Ma’am

Hi, Gummies! Can we talk real quick?
I’m lucky enough to be attending a blogging and networking Mom-conference this weekend and it’s about green parenting! Be still my crunchy-granola-heart. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more about it next week. But I have something to share with you.
Pre-children, your girl was all about some processed food and goodies- then I had kids.
Once I had kids all of a sudden I cared.
I cared what went in their bodies, I cared what went on their bodies and I cared what was around their bodies. I mean, we wash all of the baby clothes before they wear them…it’s not like babies are in Carters trying on onesies… yet most people, as adults, purchase new clothes, remove the tags and away they go. Note to self: wash.every.thing.

nk-airflow-600x600After having kiddos I also started using essential oils which have saved us several times.
BUT in walking around the conference a bit I saw a booth for Winix. I hadn’t heard too much about Winix before but I am so excited to learn more. You can’t have too much of a good thing, like clean air, right? They have these super cool looking air purifiers that are wi-fi enabled. Sounds like they’re smarter than me. If I can set it and forget it while reaping the reward of clean air- I’m in. So in. The two I’m excited to see are the HR1000 and the NK105. From what I’ve checked out online because I’m a nerd and I look things up they clean AND deodorize… did you catch that? De.odor.ize.
Let me break this down. I have two children. in diapers. Deodorizing is a thing and we don’t spray things we’re more about getting the stank out and having a clean space instead of cluttering it up with artificial scents. We use essential oils for that too, but that’s a whole ‘nother post for a whole ‘nother day. hr1000_front-1600x1600

The second point of awesomeness: Hubs has allergies. Whenever the seasons change, he becomes the equivalent of a leaky faucet. Ewww.  If these Winix purifiers can help with that too- I’m sold!
I can’t wait to stop by the booth and learn more tomorrow. If you have questions, hop over to www.winixamerica.com or let me know and I’ll ask when I visit with them.

Be Great,

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