Retail Troubles

Bubba pays attention way too well, to way too many things.
Join me on today’s episode of “Where did that come from?”

We went to Costco last week.

Tangent: I feel like I say we went to Costco a ton. We really don’t go more than maybe once a month at the very most, but apparently, that’s where fun things happen. Also, they’ve got these little snack pack thingies for adult lunch (cheese, dried cranberry, and almonds) Yum! Need lunch or a pick-me-up, get those. But, I digress…

Anyway, we went to Costco for paper plates and granola bars. Somehow we left with snacks, cookies, dinner, and enough bacon to craft a liferaft. We always pass what I think of the ‘extras’ section without much more than a passing glance. The books, costumes, decorations, and toys (goodness help you if I stop by the books). This time, Hubs pointed out that the Christmas toys were already out. I figured we’d take a quick look. It should be safe, Bubba is too young to really understand the gift part of Christmas yet, or is he? The array of items was Bubba’s ticket to toy paradise. Trains, trucks, and cars of all sorts. Oh boy… we’re in trouble now. He started with “Mommy, I have that car? I have that? Pwease, Mommy?” *big eyes and angelic smile* Luckily, I remembered my anti-cute-face pants that day and could look him in the eye and say, Not this time, Bud with only minimal damage to my heart.  I mean seriously, how are we supposed to constantly say “No” when he asks so nicely…? Anyway, as we made our way down to the bread and cookie section I found myself saying Maybe for Christmas, we’ll have to see. To which Bubba says, without missing a beat. “I ask Santa.”

Hold up. What?
Who told this child about Santa?
I mean, yes, we visited Santa last year where he screamed a blue streak, and he’s watched Mickey Mouse and Blippy with Santa but he’s connected the dots.

As I stood, dumbfounded in the middle of the aisle, Daddy didn’t miss a beat.
-Oh yeah? What will you say to Santa?
“I want Santa come to my house, I say Thank You. For da pink car.” (One of the toys was a pink lambo that made noise.)  At least he’s planning on saying Thank you.

We let him pick out cookies and some peanut butter pretzels and we didn’t hear about the cars or Santa again. Until the next day. Sitting on the couch Bubba looks at me and says “I go car, go store, get pink car for Santa.” Uh oh… Should be a fun holiday season.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better we have been slowly creating a mental list for Santa since August (once the birthdays were over)….. but PZ is 4 so he has the gist already 😊

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