Roly Poly

2We have movement, I repeat, we have movement. Little Bear has been trying to go somewhere since before she was born.
Since she entered the world, when you put her feet against or near something, they’re automatically kicking or pushing off. Maybe she’ll be a swimmer.
Well, I can officially say, we have a roller! And a professional one, at that. Little Bear enjoys laying on her back and watching everything around her, especially Bubba. This means that wherever he goes, her eyes follow and sometimes, the rest of her body too! Quite amusing to observe.  1-3

She’s still figuring out the back-to-front roll but seems to have the reverse figured out. (Note: since writing this, Little Bear has not only figured out how to roll both ways, she can roll all the way off the blanket…ahh progress, thou art a sneaky thing.)
She’s also been waking herself up at night because she rolls onto her side and then can’t figure out what to do next…ahh 3am, so, nice to see you again.

I find myself breathing a sigh of relief that I had the opportunity to be here and see Little Bear roll for the first time. Most parents don’t get to say that as they’re back at work by this point. That’s no slight to working parents, just the way things go these days. I was also happy that I got it on video for Daddy to see as well! It is the best thing to watch the kiddos learn new things and they’re surprising us all the time. Who know’s what they’ll come up with next.
I have an odd feeling we’ll be chasing Little Bear around the house sooner than we thought.
You can take a look at Little Bear’s first roll, too!

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15 thoughts on “Roly Poly

  1. Aww what sweet moments here and, I love that you are enjoying every single one. There are definitely challenges with these stages too! I try to just remember how fast it goes and, I know one day I will miss it so much!

  2. This is the cutest little thing. You can totally tell she knew from the beginning where she was trying to go, but was struggling to turn her thoughts into actions. How great that you captured this on film and can share it with her when she’s a little bigger!

  3. This is great that you’ve been there and watched her first rolling for the first time, lots of parents miss such opportunities and it’s very important to be near when your child is growing. The video is so cute! Thank you for sharing this little piece of threasure 🙂

  4. How adorable!!! Love the video and great idea to capture it on video. It will be fun to show it off when she is older. Enjoy these precious moments, they go by so fast 🙂 What a cutie!

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