Second Child Syndrome



Little Bear is too young to understand that she’s the second kiddo. Nope, she doesn’t have a clue or Second Child Syndrome (SCS) We, her parents, have SCS. We’ve got it B-A-D.


You know that commercial, where the mom hands off baby #2 and goes something like “He likes jewelry, so you might want to lose the nose ring.” Yup, that’s us.


Baby 1: “He’s crying, PICK-HIM-UP!”
“Oh, it was gas, we’re good.”

Baby 2: “She’s crying!”
“No she’s not, she’s farting, she’s fine. You pick her up, you change her!”


Baby 1: “Oh, no, I’m sorry, I can’t leave the house. The baby is too small.”
Baby 2: “Story time with the toddler at the library- let’s do this!”


Baby 1: “Please don’t touch her face. We’re worried about germs.”
Baby 2: “Her brother “kisses” her multiple times a day- he’s got more germs than an elevator button.”


Mamas of two- I know you hear me. Mamas of one- if you decide to have another someday, you’ll figure out what I’m talking about real-quick. Mamas of three or more- Bless you.

We were having dinner at Oma & Daddo’s house (mmhmm, that’s what Bubba calls my parents, cool right?) and Little Bear had just eaten, but where to put her? She’s at the age now that she can enjoy “baby-time” while we eat instead of having to be held every-second-of-every-day. Let’s be serious, I usually hold her all the time anyway- she’s cute. Today’s chef inspired creation by Hubs includes shrimp, clams, corn, potatoes & sausage (see it at KernsCooking on FB) definitely a two handed endeavor. What to do?


Baby 1: set up pack & play, remove all traces of particles that could cause an adverse reaction with said baby, place baby on back, tightly swaddled and stare at him through the mesh while you shove food down your gullet like the house is on fire.

Baby 2: “Hey Oma, do you have that play-mat-thingy? You do? Perfect, let’s break it out.”
Place baby on back (duh) on mat. Make sure stuff isn’t in her face, directly.
Return to table just in ear-shot that you can hear if she starts fussing.
Enjoy said dinner. Delish.

Bubba goes over to “hug” her. Let him. Continue to eat at a leisurely pace.

Bubba decides to play trains next to her. Meh- he’s not throwing anything…yet. Continue to eat.

Bubba decides to practice his jumping (Basketball? Not going to be his strong-suit, boy’s got the ups of a turtle.) Glance at Little Bear, yup- still good. Finish eating.

Remove place setting and clear table.

Meander over to Little Bear and see that’s she’s fallen asleep… Score!


I have a feeling Little Bear is going to be a bit more laid-back than Bubba. What choice does she have, she’s quite go-with-the-flow so far. We’ll see how things progress. Check back with me in about 22 months.


Be Great,


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