Six Fortnights

7,776,000 seconds.
129, 600 minutes.
2,160 hours.
90 days.
12 weeks.
3 months.

Little Bear is 3 months old. It’s funny how difficult it is to remember a time without her.
Though she hasn’t been with us for very long so far it feels like a lifetime, in a good way. I mean, clearly, if I think about it I can remember before her and even before Bubba, but in day-to-day life, this is how it was always meant to be. It is also interesting to see how different her first three months have been from Bubba’s first 3 months.
-He was scrawny: lean & long. She is hefty: tall and strong
-He was a night rocker: sleep all day, party all night. She likes her sleep. We will lay her down awake and she puts herself to sleep (for now). Winning! Update: Last night, she SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. As in 9pm-7am. I got so much more sleep I feel hungover… *excited dance* Hope it’s not a fluke. 
-He was almost bald: think Charlie Brown. She’s got a full head of dark hair.

And then the ways they are similar:
Smiles, coos, trying to roll over/escape, loves bath time and they were/are both obsessed with their fingers.
Also interesting to note, they both have distinct personalities- how does someone so little have such great convictions about things like chewing on fingers vs pacifier and being held by Daddy vs Mommy, I’ll never know.
My favorite part of the 3-month-milestone is the smiles. Ahh, the smiles. Little Bear loves to smile. She will share one with Daddy, with Mommy and especially with Bubba. They have some magical bond where even if she’s crying, a hug from Bubba brings at least a momentary smile to her face.

Now to how Mommy is doing at 3 months post arrival. Many people ask in passing but do they really want to know how I’m doing? I’m nowhere near as interesting as a new baby.
How’s this for an answer: I shower every day.
In all honesty, I’m doing okay. I should probably work out and be focused on losing the baby weight, but I’m really happy spending time with the littles and watching them grow and learn. I do plan to start some morning yoga during the week to see where that takes me. Wonder if they have Mommy-Toddler Yoga videos? Or even better, does chasing a toddler count as exercise? It should.
We take regular trips to the library for story time and are much more active than we were when Bubba was 3 months. I think I may be getting the hang of this parenting thing. Psshhhh-yeah right. 
I do find it really disheartening that many women would have gone back to work in ½ the time that I’ve been out so far. Thank goodness for teacher summers. I can barely leave Little Bear now, how would I have felt leaving her to go to work, six weeks ago? The thought makes my heart hurt. For those of you who have done it, my heart and my applause go out to you. You are stronger than I and I know you made the choices that were best for your family. In all seriousness, well done.

Overall, the first 3 months with the addition of Little Bear have had their ups and downs. Thankfully, more ups than downs for sure. I’m excited to see where the next 3 months will take us and how much more Little Bear will be doing. I promise you, if she figures out how to crawl by then, yoga will be the least of my worries. I need to remind myself to stop more often and take a moment to see and appreciate all that has happened instead of constantly looking toward what will be or what could be. Today, I’m going to just be in this day. In these moments.

Be Great,


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